Dave Coulier shares photo drunken injury while celebrating two years of sobriety

Dave Coulier at the 30th Annual Scleroderma Benefit at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on June 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA
Full House star Dave Coulier opened up about his struggles with alcohol while celebrating two years of sobriety. Pic credit: ©

Some may say the person who laughs the loudest is struggling the hardest, and while that may not always be true, for a period of time it was true for Dave Coulier.

The Full House alum is celebrating two years of sobriety after he quit drinking alcohol on January 1, 2020. Maybe it was a New Years’ resolution, but regardless, the actor made a choice that changed his life for the better.

He shared an emotional post on Instagram documenting some of his journey as an alcoholic, discussed the decision to become sober, and ended the post with a big thanks to his supportive wife, Melissa Coulier.

Dave Coulier celebrates two years sober, shares image after drunken fall

The photo Dave shared wasn’t a pretty one, but it was a necessary one. The actor is sitting and staring at the camera with a busted and bloodied face. 

He started his post with full honesty, writing, “I was a drunk. Yes. An alcoholic.” 

He described himself as “the life of the party” when he was drunk. He said, “I could make people laugh until they fell down.”

Then, he clarified what happened in the image. 

He advised that in this photo, he was the one that fell down because he was “hammered,” and as a result, he fell going up some stone steps. He made sure to point out that this injury didn’t come from one of his beloved hobbies, such as chopping wood, construction, or golfing, but instead implied that it was an injury following destructive behavior— drinking too much. 

He went on to say that “no one loved having ‘beers with the boys’ after playing hockey or a round of golf more than me.” He was always the last one left standing, but after the drinking was done, he felt terrible for days. However, he had a great support system to help him achieve sobriety.

Dave Coulier thanks his wife Melissa Coulier for helping him stay sober

Dave noted that he wasn’t unfamiliar with how alcohol made him feel, writing, “I loved booze, but it didn’t love me back.” 

He made the decision for his health and family to quit drinking, even though the withdrawals were difficult. 

He thanked his wife Melissa for getting him through the hard times, writing, “I was supported by @melissacoulier and friends who had already made the journey. The psychological and physical transformation has been amazing. The sky is more blue, my heart is no longer closed, and I enjoy making people laugh until they fall down more than ever before. Thank you, Melissa, for being by my side. I love you [heart emoji].” 

Dave’s candid post let fans know that it’s not always easy overcoming struggles, especially one like alcohol addiction, but having a support system made it easier for him to get sober and stay sober. While not everyone has a Melissa by their side, Dave seems grateful to have her on his team.

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