Danny ‘KP’ Kilpatrick net worth and more: Who is new star of Black Ink Crew Compton?

Danny KP Kilpatrick on Black Ink Crew Compton
KP is the owner of iAM Compton, the tattoo shop at the center of Black Ink Crew: Compton: Pic credit: VH1

Black Ink Crew: Compton made its debut this week and is already looking like a great addition to the franchise for VH1. The series stars Danny “KP” Kilpatrick, who owns the iAM Compton tattoo shop where the show is filmed.

As we saw last season on Black Ink Crew when Ceaser and his staff visited Los Angeles, he and KP knew each other from working the tattoo convention circuit. So when an opportunity to open up a Black Ink shop on the West Coast presented itself, it was KP that Ceaser went to in an effort to partner up.

KP didn’t want to open up a bougie shop in Hollywood, or Beverly Hills like Ceaser envisioned though. Instead, he told the Black Ink boss that his dream was to open up a tattoo shop in Compton to serve the city where he was raised in the way he knows best.

While Ceaser wasn’t exactly excited about a Compton tattoo shop, in the beginning, KP’s dedication to his city and the fact that it would be the first-ever tattoo shop in Compton were enough to persuade him.

All about KP’s family

KP introduced his family on Black Ink Crew: Compton. His longtime girlfriend is actor Kyla Pratt, who has a long list of acting credits but most notably has worked with the Disney Channel and was the voice of Penny Proud on The Proud Family for the show’s entire run.

Together, Kyla and KP have two daughters. Lyric is 8-years-old and Liyah is 6. KP also mentioned on the VH1 series that he has an older son from a previous relationship too.

KP’s net worth

When it comes to figuring out Danny “KP” Kilpatrick’s net worth, it’s a little tougher to determine than that of his girlfriend, Kyla Pratt. Up until now, KP has been a tattoo artist, not a TV star (though he does have a few IMDb credits to his name). Much of the information viewers are looking for about him just hasn’t been shared with the public.

That said, there is one claim that KP is worth around $500,000. However, his ownership of the iAM Compton tattoo shop and his presence on reality TV could very easily increase that amount.

Black Ink Crew: Compton star tattoos celebrities

In addition to owning iAM Compton, KP is also a very well known tattoo artist. He often gets requests to tattoo the famous with some of the biggest names sporting his ink including Diddy, Taraji P. Henson and Travis Scott.

KP shows off his work on Instagram and also likes to share pictures of the celebrities that he rubs elbows with, even if he’s not inking them at the time.

More than just a tattoo artist

As he explained during the Black Ink Crew: Compton premiere, KP isn’t just a tattoo artist. In fact, his nickname (which also happens to be the name of his tattoo shop) iAM Compton has meaning — the I stands for ink, A stands for art and the M stands for music.

That’s because he is multitalented and is pursuing a career as a rapper as well. This isn’t a new endeavor though. KP has been dropping music for years now.

Performing under the name iAM Compton, KP has toured with Rich Homie Quan, and his sound has even been compared to Big Sean.

It’s clear Danny “KP” Kilpatrick is a star on the rise. With the exposure he’ll receive as the owner of the iAMCompton tattoo shop and the star of Black Ink Crew: Compton, we expect to see a lot more of him in the future.

He’s athletic too

As if his talents in art and music weren’t enough, KP is also very athletic. He even went to college on a football scholarship but admits that he screwed that up when he caught a drug charge. Once he got back to Compton, KP was determined not to let that ruin his life and went the route of tattooing and music instead. It looks like that is working out well for him.

Black Ink Crew: Compton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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