Danielle Cohn pregnant? Post sparks debate around her age

Danielle Cohn
Danielle Cohn, whose latest Instagram pic suggested she is pregnant. Pic credit: Danielle Cohn/Instagram

Danielle Cohn shocked her followers on Instagram yesterday when the teenager posted an image that appeared to show she is pregnant.

The image sparked mixed reactions, with many expressing bewilderment and disbelief. Although some fans suggested that the image may only be meant only to prank her followers, it led to a heated debate that reignited previous speculation and rumors about the social media star’s actual age. A selection of some of the reactions on her post:


Are u pregnant for real

Its a prank…. But if it isn’t congrats

Literally no one is gonna fall for a prank when we know the basic facts

Girls in my school have done this before

Everyone’s out here like congratulations but she ain’t even 16 yet

How old is she?

Come to think of it she actually got pregnant at 14

Dr.phil get her on the show

Congrats!!!!!!!!!I wish the best for yall!!the baby will have awesome parents

Who is Danielle Cohn?

Danielle Cohn is one of the biggest teen stars on social media, with more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.17 million subscribers on YouTube.

Her YouTube channel has recently seen a lot of activity, with Danielle regularly posting a variety of entertaining vlogs in which she features with her boyfriend Mikey Tua.

She is also a singer. In March 2018, she released a music video for her single Little Like Paradise (see video below) which quickly amassed more than 2 million views.

Her singing career began on the teen app, and after her quick rise to fame, her mom quit her job in March 2017 to mange her daughter’s career. The pair relocated from Orlando to Los Angeles.

Back in September 2018, Danielle and her boyfriend celebrated their 3-month anniversary with a YouTube vlog.

Controversy: How old is Danielle Cohn?

Danielle’s fame, due mostly her social media activity, has brought her under intense scrutiny which has regularly generated controversy among those who follow her.

Danielle has amassed a small army of critics, many of whom have created Instagram pages dedicated to trolling the teenage sensation and criticizing her for acting, dancing and dressing “inappropriately” on social media.

Although Danielle acknowledged in a 2018 interview with BuzzFeed that the online hate could be “because a lot of my clothes are very revealing,” she insisted that she does not think her online behavior is “that bad.”

As far as Danielle is concerned, her haters are motivated primarily by jealousy.

“I think I’m targeted the most due to the fact that I grew very fast on and a lot of people are jealous of that,” she told BuzzFeed

One of the first controversies that grew around Danielle and which came to a head in 2018 centered on her age.

Although her YouTube page listed her age in 2018 as 14 (she is now officially 15), rumors spread among her fans that she was actually just 11 years old. Several fan theories emerged (see video below) purporting to prove that she is actually three years younger than she claimed on social media.

The video claims to offer evidence that Danielle was actually born in 2007 and not 2004 as she says. Her ex-boyfriend Cole Galotti claimed to have seen Danielle’s birth certificate.

But Cohn has so far responded to the rumors and speculation only by posting images of herself and asking, “Do I look like 11?”

However, many fans think that her response does not address the issues and that it suggests she is hiding the truth about her real age.

The latest image posted to her social media page which appears to show she is pregnant is bound to further deepen the controversies surrounding Danielle Cohn.

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