Daisy Keech sizzles in skimpy bikini with an incredible view

Daisy Keech gazes into the camera.
Daisy Keech is stunning in a tiny bikini with a beautiful view. Pic credit: @daisykeech/Instagram

Daisy Keech sizzled in a tiny blue bikini in front of a lovely mountain view.

The tiny blue bikini was bright blue and perfectly brought out the clear sky and Daisy’s bright eyes. The style of the bikini allowed the camera to capture her long toned legs, toned and flat stomach, and her incredible figure.

Daisy paired the bikini with a light brown sweater that she pushed up around her neck so that all of the bikini was visible. She wore a shiny silver headset around her neck that she daintily held with both of her hands.

The 23-year-old YouTuber wore her bright blonde hair loose and parted in the middle, and then tucked under her headset. Her makeup was understated and beautifully complemented her features with pink lips and a touch of mascara.

Daisy’s view was nearly as breathtaking as she was with a lush mountain range behind her, a bright blue sky without a single cloud, and a forest of green trees below, including tropical palm trees. It was the perfect setting for her to soak up the sun and appreciate the nature around her.

The internet sensation’s overall look was adventurous, content, and ready for fun in the sun. She posted the look to Instagram on Thursday with the caption, “Get sunlight everyday.”

Daisy Keech appreciates sunset with her dog

Daisy posted a beautiful video on a balcony with a gorgeous and colorful sunset over a mountain range as her view. Daisy worked peacefully at a wooden table with a little golden dog as her companion at her side.

Daisy wore a loose-fitting gray sweater and tiny white shorts that showed off her long legs as she soaked up the natural beauty.

The influencer captioned her post, “My new favorite thing to do.” The post received over 115,000 likes and over 400 comments.

Daisy Keech spent time with a horse

Daisy doesn’t just love dogs, but she also has an affinity for horses. She posted a series of photos and one video that showed her spending time with a lovely horse.

The YouTuber wore hip-hugging yellow pants and a white crop top hoodie as she stood face to face with the brown and white horse. The horse seemed ready to share its love with Daisy and was particularly photogenic.

Daisy captioned her post, “Such a beautiful creature.”

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