Daisy Keech is ‘forever in love with’ Celsius during a gorgeous nature walk

Daisy Keech wearing lipgloss.
Daisy Keech pouting at the camera. Pic credit: @daisykeech/Instagram

Daisy Keech has been enjoying the season of fall, based on some of the stunning and sultry pictures she’s sharing online.

In one of her most recent pictures, she posed in front of a forest filled with trees in all of the most bright and most exquisite fall colors.

The branches, leaves, and bushes surrounding her were yellow, green, red, and orange. The sunlight was reflecting off of everything in a very angelic way.

Daisy posed in front of the beautiful outdoorsy and picturesque backdrop clutching a drink that she happens to be a huge fan of these days.

She dressed for the weather, covering up in trendy clothing that most would consider both modest and warm.

What exactly did she wear for her day out in nature, and what drink was she sipping along the way?

Daisy Keech looks lovely outdoors

Daisy posed for a stunning picture holding onto a bottle of Celsius Official since she’s a Celsius brand partner. In the shot, she wore a long-sleeved hoodie in a dark gray color that was short enough to show off the curve of her back.

Daisy also wore a pair of light gray leggings that were tonight enough to show off the curves of her legs and thighs. In the caption, Daisy mentioned how she is “forever in love” with drinking Celsius.

The drink brand is known for providing key vitamins and essential energy boosts to people in need. Daisy wore a light amount of makeup on her face, including mascara and blush.

Daisy Keech looks beautiful next to a horse

In another photo thread Daisy shared on social media, she leaned over the edge of a wooden fence to get up close and personal with a horse. Daisy wore a pair of yellow sweatpants that hugged every curve of her legs and thighs.

The bottoms of the sweats were loose enough to give her ankles some space. On her top half, she wore a white hoodie that was cut to be a crop top, revealing skin on her lower back and stomach.

Daisy’s hourglass figure was completely visible. On her feet, she wore a pair of light brown UGG boots that were tucked underneath the bottom of her sweatpants.

She wore her long blonde hair wild and free down her back and skipped out on any jewelry. Since her face was hidden from view, it’s a mystery whether or not she wore any makeup.

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