Daisy Keech in tight jeans says ‘Idc’

Daisy Keech close up
Daisy Keech wowed in a pair of tight jeans. Pic credit: @daisykeech/Instagram

Daisy Keech showed off her curves in a pair of tight jeans as she posed in front of a countryside setting.

The 23-year-old YouTuber and social media star has garnered a massive following on various platforms, with 6 million fans following on Instagram and 8 million choosing to tune in to the beauty’s TikTok.

Posting the latest photo set, the Instagram model faces away from the camera as she steps out of a car to look at the surrounding scenery.

She rocks a pair of tight blue jeans, which show off her fantastic curves, and a cropped black bomber jacket which is emblazoned with a large Ferrari logo on the back.

A black leather handbag with silver hardware detailing on the strap is draped over her right shoulder as she poses for the snap in a mystery location.

Daisy raised the bomber jacket to reveal a cheeky view of some black underwear straps peeking out of her jeans.

A swipe right in the photo carousel revealed a similar image, but with Daisy turned to the side slightly to enhance her amazing curves.

Her gorgeous blonde locks were loosely fastened in some braided pigtails, and a large gold hoop earring can be seen in the model’s ear.

She captioned the post, “Idc.”

Despite Daisy’s curves being the main focus in the picture, it was her Ferrari jacket that caught the attention of fans.

“Cool jacket!” said one fan, while another echoed something similar, saying, “Nice jacket!”

Another fan was just enjoying Daisy as a whole, commenting a simple, “Love u girl.”

Daisy Keech Instagram comments
Pic credit: @daisykeech/Instagram

Daisy Keech raises temperatures in blue string bikini

Daisy sizzled recently in a scenic bikini snap where she showcased her jaw-dropping figure.

Centering herself in front of a stunning mountainous backdrop, Daisy stole everyone’s attention with her bright blue swimwear.

The skimpy number was electric blue in color and lined with strings in a lighter shade of blue. The barely-there bikini showcased Daisy’s insane body.

She wore a gray sweater that only covered the model’s arms as she lifted the front up to reveal her curves. She also gripped a pair of large headphones, which were resting around her neck.

Her long blonde locks naturally fell around her face, and the ends were not visible as they were tucked into her sweater.

Looking gorgeous, she captioned the scenic snap, “Get sunlight everyday.”

Daisy Keech gets pulses racing in workout snap

Daisy’s incredible figure is a result of her gym workouts which she likes to post for fans as motivation and encouragement.

She started her own fitness program, Keech Peach, which has its own Instagram page where she posts diet and workout inspiration for her followers.

Keech Peach is an 8-week program that focuses on growing your glute muscles. The 8-week program is available for purchase on her website and is currently priced at $67.00.

This is in addition to her YouTube channel, which has 3.29 million subscribers who follow along for her workout videos and personal vlogs.

In a recent post to her fitness social media, she can be seen in a colorful gym surrounded by equipment as she works out her glutes.

The model rocked a gray gym wear set that hugged her curves tight and showed off her hard training.

Her hair was secured with a clip, and she listened to music via large gray headphones, which matched her gym fit perfectly.

A resistance band was secured around her thighs as she worked on growing her glutes.

She promoted a new YouTube upload in the snap, captioning the post, “New YouTube Booty Pump video :) the best way to grow your glutes.”

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