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Daisy Keech in chain-link bikini says ‘On Sundays we rest’

Daisy Keech takes a selfie.
Daisy Keech left her fans speechless when she shared a sexy bikini pic, rocking a two-piece with chain links on the hips and bust area. Pic credit: @daisykeech/Instagram

Daisy Keech was out to have some fun on the beach for what she called a “rest” day.

The 22-year-old American fitness model, TikTok star, and social media influencer, who first rose to fame on Instagram for her modeling and fitness posts, not unlike her counterparts Addison Rae and Charlotte McKinney, took things up a notch on her day off, rocking a sexy two-piece while beachside.

Wearing a swirly-patterned busty top and matching bottoms, Daisy proclaimed, “On Sundays we rest,” as she posed for the camera to show off her goods.

Daisy Keech wore a revealing bikini with chain links for a rest day

The blonde beauty took the meaning of a day off to new heights when she shared a snap of herself ocean-side in a skimpy and figure-hugging two-piece.

Daisy was the picture of fitness in her tiny bikini, displaying legs for days, flat abs, and baby-smooth skin which glowed with a pre-summer shine.

Tossing her head to one side so that her brown locks playfully splashed across her cheekbones, Daisy stood front-facing so that her bust and smooth figure were totally visible.

Daisy’s top sported some stringy shoulder straps that appeared to be wrapping behind her neck in a halter-top style while a silver ring pulled the cups together at her sternum.

The bottoms were nearly non-existent, with a small triangular swatch of material only just barely covering her sensitive area while a series of linked rings decorated her hips as they went up to meet the star’s waist, where two more bits of strappy strings were tied together in bows.

Daisy explained why she left the organization she founded

While she seems to enjoy rocking her fit body on her social media page, Daisy has also dabbled in much more behind the scenes.

The entrepreneur flexed her business muscles when she started up her content group Clubhouse, a place meant for female creators to have a space in which to share their ideas and professional prowess.

A mere five months after taking the reigns, Daisy abandoned the group in order to pursue other career paths outside of social media platforms.

As reported by Dexerto online, she explained her reasoning behind moving on, telling her fans via an August 4th, 2020 YouTube video that she had wanted to follow other passions.

“The reason I’m moving out is that I really need to focus on myself and my own brand that I truly want to build,” she said. “I’ve just been thinking, like, what’s my passion in life? Like, what makes me happy?”

Daisy revealed that she had gotten intrigued by home renovation, adding “As I was looking for homes, I was like, ‘Wow, I would love to start buying homes and renovating them.’ For me, the whole interior design, and making the outside super aesthetic and pretty, like, that feeds something in my soul.”

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