Cuban Doll fights in the street with King Von’s sister Kayla B after Twitter beef

Cuban Doll and Kayla B pose on social media
A beef on Twitter led to a physical fight between Cuban Doll and Kayla B. Pic credit: @cubanndasavage/Instagram and @BeezyyTatted/Twitter

Rapper Cuban Doll and King Von’s sister Kayla B got into a fight in downtown Atlanta last night after the pair were beefing on Twitter.

The two women had been trading insults on Twitter all day yesterday for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, but they then decided to rendezvous and start trading punches, scratches, and hair-pulling.

A video of the fight was shared online, and it very quickly went viral. Cuban Doll and Kayla B then kept the feud going after the fight by each trying to claim they’d come out on top in the fisticuffs.

The two Atlanta based women had clearly been fighting over some issue offline, but it went public when Cuban tweeted, “You told on yo blood b***h you different.”

Kayla B responded, “Man, you steady making up s**t. You weird asl. Text me. Let’s fight.”

Well, things only escalated from there as Kayla threw down the gauntlet by tweeting, “let’s fight you in Atlanta link up scary b***h.”

Kayla B demanded that Cuban Doll fight her

She then tried to get the hashtag #FIGHTKAYLA trending; she also wrote, “Everybody go mention her & say fight Kayla & shut up.”

Kayla B asks Cuban Doll to fight her
Pic credit: @BeezyyTatted/Twitter

Both the women then put their money where their mouths were and met up for a fight. The ensuing scuffle was a flurry of swinging fists and hair-pulling. And at one point, Kayla B appeared to bite Cuban Doll in the face.

It does appear that neither combatant was seriously hurt in the encounter.

The pair had plenty of fans backing them and egging them on, shouts of “kick her” and “you got her” could be clearly heard.

After the fight, both women and their respective fans tried to claim victory.

Kayla B wrote on Twitter, “It’s the uppercuts for me… was throwing her ass around,” and also claimed that she had tried to continue the fight, but Cuban had refused.

“I tried fighting her again she closed the door… she didn’t wanna fight,” added Kayla B.

Cuban Doll jumped on Instagram Live, where she boasted about only receiving a small scratch to her face during the bust-up.

She also scoffed at the idea that Kayla B was claiming a victory; she asked her directly, “How you won the fight??” The opinion was mixed among fans commenting on her Instagram; some wrote: “You got beat tf up,” while others said, “u beat her.”

Fans debated on Twitter whether Cuban Doll or Kayla B won fight

And the opinions were also mixed on Twitter as fans got together to debate the post-bout analysis.

One Cuban Doll fan accused Kayla B of only being able to pull Cuban’s hair and said she “lost. Case closed.”

Cuban doll fan says Kayla B lost
Pic credit: @imprettyfacee/Twitter

And another fan told Cuban that her hits had connected: “your hits was connecting in the beginning and Kayla was just pulling your hair fr.”

Fan tells Cuban Doll her hits connected
Pic credit: @1yenn_/Twitter

On the other side, another fan said that Cuban “got her ass thrown around, rammed into a car window, and bit on the forehead.”

Fan says kayla B won
Pic credit: @Miahdior1/Twitter

And someone else claimed that Cuban “couldn’t even walk by yourself afterward.”

Kayla B’s brother King Von was tragically killed last year in a shootout outside an Atlanta nightclub.

Cuban Doll hit the headlines in the past after she was accused of being semi-responsible for the break down of Cardi B and Offset’s relationship. Cuban Doll was alleged to have been messaging Offset while he was still married.

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