Croatian soccer star Ana Maria Markovic stuns in red dress for NYE

soccer star ana maria markovic in selfie for instagram
Croatia’s Ana Maria Markovic is ready for a great 2023 with her fans. Pic credit: @anamxrkovic/Instagram

Much like Switzerland’s Alisha Lehmann, Croatian soccer stunner Ana Maria Markovic has become a global phenomenon, with fans celebrating her skills on the pitch and her beauty.

On New Year’s Eve, Markovic wowed her fans and followers with a gorgeous red dress and a cheerful message as everyone celebrates 2022 and prepares for the new year.

The 23-year-old added an Instagram carousel post for her 1.8 million followers, featuring her posing in a short, sleek red dress with thin shoulder straps.

Markovic also had on accessories, including a thin necklace with a pendant and a scrunchie-style bracelet on one wrist.

The attire kept the focus on Markovic’s jaw-dropping physique, and the 5-foot-8 blonde beauty wore bold red lipstick to match her dress.

She kept her hair straight, allowing it to flow down as she posed for three unique pictures in the stunning red dress and held sparklers for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Ana Maria Markovic wows in red dress for NYE

In Markovic’s first image, she poses with a hand on her hip and holds a sparkler in her free hand as she delivers a provocative stare at the viewer. A second photo has her with two sparklers in her hands, raised above her head as she poses with her hip thrust to one side and a playful smile.

A third photo also brings a positive and gorgeous vibe as she smiles while holding a sparkler in one hand and rests her other arm by her hip.

Along with the three captivating images, the Croatian forward included a message reflecting on 2022 and the support she received from fans on social media.

“GUYS I wish you all a blessed 2023 and I’m so thankful for 2022 I couldn’t have done it without you guys! ❤️??✨,” she wrote in her caption.

Markovic’s photo share quickly collected over 178,000 likes and 1,300-plus comments as fans extended New Year’s greetings her way. There were likely many more comments and likes on the way for the popular soccer star.

Markovic’s partnerships include Moloko

While Markovic hails from Croatia, she moved to Switzerland at a young age. She’s been playing in the Swiss Women’s Super League (SWSL) with Grasshopper. As she continues to enjoy popularity in the SWSL and on social media, Markovic endorses and promotes various products or services.

That includes Moloko, a German beverage maker founded by two friends several years ago who came up with the ideal drink while hanging out at the bar. Ultimately, Moloko Beverage GmbH was launched, first offering their lemonade drink.

Along with lemonade, the company later brought forth Moloko Cranberry. The latter was introduced in 2018, featuring a “flavor of cranberry, cherry blossom and ginger,” according to the Moloko About Us.

In August, Markovic shared an Instagram post in conjunction with Moloko as the smiling soccer star held up a can of their drink to cheers it with someone off camera.

Not only does Markovic promote the partnership via social media posts, but she’s also worn their logo on the pitch to give the brand even more visibility.

Based on a translated Instagram video post’s caption, she wore a Moloko “entry” shirt for her team, Grasshopper Club Zürich.

Along with Moloko, Markovic lists sportswear juggernaut Nike among partners on her official website. She’s also apparently involved in cryptocurrency, as she previously shared an IG video post promoting Binance services with her followers.

As her popularity grows, it won’t be surprising to see the Croatian soccer sensation add more partnerships to her portfolio.

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