Croatian model Ivana Knoll rocks tight pants with crop top for World Cup

croatian model ivana knoll
Ivana Knoll looked stunning in her latest attire to root on Croatia at the World Cup. Pic credit: @knolldoll/Instagram

Like Swiss soccer star Alisha Lehmann, Croatian model Ivan Knoll is making headlines due to her sizzling social media content and serious fandom during the World Cup.

Knoll, a former Miss Croatia, has reached new heights with her following online, thanks to the various photos and videos she’s shared during the soccer tournament.

Her latest posts included her rocking her nation’s colors, wearing a mostly blue shirt with ruffled sleeves featuring red and white checkers.

That shirt also included “14” and “Modric” written on the back, representing Croatia’s star player Luka Modric.

Knoll also wore a pair of skintight red pants, which featured the red and white checkered look around the waistband.

Adding to her Croatian-themed attire were her knee-high blue socks that ended in red and white checkers.

A pair of white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers completed her stunning head-to-toe look for the World Cup game.

Ivana Knoll shares World Cup video

Taking to her Instagram on Saturday, the Croatian model was all smiles and positive vibes as she rooted for Croatia in their third-place World Cup matchup with Morocco.

Knoll shared a lengthy video to her IG, which started with her sitting in the stands and giving a huge smile as she nodded and panned the camera’s shot around to show that she was surrounded by other fans rooting and singing for Croatia.

They all sang in support of their team, as Knoll also showed scenes of the players and other personnel on the pitch.

Knoll shared the video above to her large IG following, which has received over 140,000 likes. Croatia went on to win their World Cup matchup, 2-1, to take third place at the tournament in Qatar.

She is one of many celebs who have shown World Cup loyalty for their teams, with others including Switzerland’s Lehmann and Brazil’s Leticia Bufoni.

Knoll shared selfie featuring latest outfit

The Croatian model revealed more of her outfit in a snap she shared on her Instagram Story as she posed in the back of a car, with one hand pulling on strands of her long, dark hair.

Knoll’s crop top Modric shirt was visible from the front revealing national symbols of Croatia, the white Nike swoosh, and Knoll’s midsection.

Her makeup included dark eye shadow and lashes along with bright red lipstick. Knoll also wore a chain necklace and red and white checkered puffy material around her wrist as a bracelet for the look.

ivana knoll snap for world cup at qatar
Pic credit: @knolldoll/Instagram

An additional video clip shown in the second slide below has Knoll as she walks on a street and pans the camera to reveal more of her attire before giving a quick smile.

Croatian model owns Knoll Doll brand

Due to her various eye-catching outfits during appearances at World Cup games in Qatar, Knoll has been capturing attention and adding to her fanbase. As of this report, she boasts 3.2 million followers on her Instagram.

Her IG bio also notes that she’s the owner of the brand Knoll Doll, which primarily sells men’s and women’s swimsuits.

“Your favorite Crokini,” the Knoll Doll website says, along with “Be fiery, doll,” also among its tag lines.

Knoll’s surging popularity is likely helping her promote her products, and she often appears in some of the images modeling swimwear on the brand’s IG page.

“Feel flawless and carefree in high quality fabrics, exotic tones and attractive croatian designs featuring cheeky cuts that make a statement. Our pieces are designed to make women feel like a doll. Make heads turn in our fiercely bold pieces,” reads part of Knoll Doll’s About Us story.

It also mentions the goal for the various pieces was to provide “a minimalistic range inspired by Croatia’s affair with the croatian national symbol, red and white checkerboard.”

In addition to bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, the brand also offers dresses, bodysuits, and shirts, primarily featuring red and white checkered designs, much like portions of Knoll’s recent World Cup outfit.

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