Cristiano Ronaldo showered in his underwear on Instagram Live and 670,000 people tuned in

cristiano ronaldo showered in underwear on instagram live
Cristiano Ronaldo at the world premiere of Ronaldo. Pic credit: ©

International superstar Cristiano Ronaldo gained plenty of attention from interested fans with his quick Instagram Live appearance on Monday.

The soccer and sports icon showed up for the IG Live wearing only his underwear for a brief shower scene. During the live event, there were hundreds of thousands of interested spectators.

That’s likely due to Ronaldo’s chiseled physique, which was on full display during his Instagram Live and showed the results of his continued commitment to fitness.

Cristiano Ronaldo had many people watching him shower

Cristiano Ronaldo just turned 37 last month and is still keeping his youthful appearance due to his time playing international football. On Monday, he showed fans how great he looks with a simple shower scene on his Instagram Live.

Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United, hopped on IG Live briefly, wearing only his black underwear. He stood underneath a shower, letting the water run all over his body, including his chiseled abs, for a short while before saluting the viewers and signing off.

A YouTube fan account shared the footage of Ronaldo’s shower on Instagram Live, which is just 15 seconds long.

According to a TMZ report, 670,000 viewers were checking out Ronaldo’s live shower scene at one point, which isn’t too surprising considering he has 407 million followers.

Earlier in February, he wowed fans with a visually stunning shot of himself in only boxer briefs as he promoted his CR7 Underwear. The post gained over eight million Likes and 72,000 Comments.

When he’s not modeling for Instagram, he’s playing football, although lately it’s been rough going for him. Per TMZ’s report, Ronaldo has struggled since the new year began, scoring only once for Manchester United. That could have many fans fearing he’s on a downward trajectory in his international football career.

This past December, he made history, scoring his 800th career goal, followed by his 801st, further solidifying himself amongst all-time greats in the sports world.

Ronaldo is second-most popular Instagram account

Only one account on Instagram boasts more followers than Cristiano Ronaldo, and that’s Instagram itself. As of this report, the platform’s IG profile has 476 million followers, with Ronaldo at 407 million and counting.

A report via UK’s Mirror indicated that Ronaldo is blowing away the competition when it comes to other popular stars from Premier League, as he has more followers than the rest of the top 20 combined.

Seven of the top 20 come from Ronaldo’s club, Manchester United, including Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford. Pogba’s 51.8 million followers are the second-most of any Premier League star after Ronaldo.

Ronaldo became the first celebrity to hit 400 million followers on the platform last month and shared a video in celebration of the social media milestone.

Other celebrities are close to Ronaldo in terms of their sheer numbers on the Gram. Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner has 314 million, while her half-sister Kim Kardashian currently has 289 million followers.

Ronaldo’s fellow soccer superstar Lionel Messi has 309 million followers, while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has 300 million. Other popular accounts include Selena Gomez with 300 million followers and Ariana Grande with 297 million followers.

Even so, Ronaldo seems far ahead of the rest for now. One thing is also clear: when Ronaldo puts on a show for his followers and fans, plenty of them tune in to admire his body of work!

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