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Courteney Cox in plunging bikini is ‘learning to drive’

Courteney Cox at a premiere.
Courteney Cox got her bikini groove on while enjoying time with her beau. Pic credit: ©

Courteney Cox got into the end-of-summer spirit while enjoying downtime abroad with her boyfriend of nearly ten years, Johnny McDaid.

The 58-year-old Friends alum and bestie to Jennifer Aniston appeared to be living it up while on vacation with the Snow Patrol singer as the pair kicked it around Ireland and the coast of Italy.

While sharing a new post on her Instagram page, Courteney offered a rare glimpse of her fit figure in some fun video clips during her time away.

Seen first behind the wheel of a car on the winding roads of Ireland, Courteney looked attentive and focused while tackling the challenge of driving on the opposite side of the pavement and sitting in what Americans call the passenger seat.

Just a few seconds long, the clip then cut away to a bare-skinned Courteney, who was then grappling with the helm of a boat off the coast of Italy and doing so while rocking a skimpy bikini that showed off her trim physique.

The black and white two-piece hugged her torso and hips as stringy ties looped behind her neck, upper back, and along her lower waistline.

“Learning to drive in Ireland and on the open seas. Not good at either, but I ain’t worried ‘bout it….my instructor was hot,” Courteney captioned the fun new post.

The star seemed to be thoroughly embracing her holiday away and gave off a glow while seeming to defy her age.

While Courteney remains looking healthy and seemingly ageless, the actress admitted earlier this year that she has gone under the knife in the past and regretted some of her choices.

Courteney Cox says she ‘looked really strange’ after a certain cosmetic procedure

Back in February, Courteney opened up about surgeries she had undergone in order to maintain some of her youth, saying that it left her looking like another person.

As told by Monsters and Critics, Courteney revealed that she even thought she “looked really strange” after having some cosmetic procedures done.

“Oh God, it’s so hard to even hear or say. I can’t believe it,” Courteney said about edging closer to the start of a new decade of life.

“There’s nothing wrong with being 60, I just can’t believe it. Time goes so fast. There’s no question that I am more grounded, I’ve learned so much in my life — what to enjoy, what to try to do more of and what to let go of.”

“There was a time when you go, ‘Oh, I’m changing. I’m looking older,’ she continued, adding, “…I tried to chase that [youthfulness] for years. And I didn’t realize that, oh s**t, I’m actually looking really strange with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do now.”

Despite desiring to stay looking younger than her years, Courteney has proven in the past to also possess an adventurous side and a willingness to go without her makeup for a chance at a new experience.

Courteney Cox enjoys the wild with Bear Grylls

In 2016, Courteney left all comforts of home behind as she joined famed adventurer Bear Grylls on an episode of his show Running Wild.

Known for putting even the most famous of celebrities to the test, Bear had Courteney pushing the envelope many times over as the pair struggled with steep cliff climbing, harsh weather patterns, and a bizarre menu.

“Birds, if we can catch them. Worms, lots of worms. Grubs, insects, flies, crickets, caterpillars, squirrels…” Bear listed off while filling in the actress on the possible items they might find themselves munching on.

Later on, the wildlife explorer really tested Courteney’s inner stamina when he dragged a dead sheep from the river and served up some of the maggots that had been feeding on the body.

Courteney is back to more familiar grounds these days and can be seen on the new hit show, Shining Vale.