Connie on Chicago Fire: How did DuShon Monique Brown die?

DuShon Monique Brown as Connie on Chicago Fire
Connie is missed on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC

DuShon Monique Brown played Connie on Chicago Fire. When it was revealed that she died back in March, everyone was shocked. How she died remained a mystery for months with speculation running wild about the beloved actress.

It turns out she was battling an illness and after being sent home from the hospital where she was treated for chest pains, DuShon Monique Brown passed away in her Chicago home. She was living in Chicago after beginning her role as Connie when Chicago Fire debuted back in 2012.

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Her Chicago Fire co-stars mourned the loss of their colleague and friend. DuShon Monique Brown was a light to her fellow cast mates and when news of her untimely and shocking death spread, the tributes came pouring in.

Back in May, TMZ revealed that DuShon Monique Brown died from a blood infection. Officially, it was sepsis that killed the actress but it was puzzling because how the infection infiltrated her body was a mystery.

High blood pressure and obesity were also discussed as causes that affected her health. DuShon Monique Brown was 49 at the time of her death and she left behind a daughter.

Chicago Fire is not the same without Connie and DuShon Monique Brown’s death was a shock to the fans as well. Despite her passing being months ago, the new season has brought it front and center again.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC as part of the One Chicago block.

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