Comedian Reggie Baybee arrested, claims he was robbed by police, sets up GoFundMe to post bond

Reggie Baybee
Reggie Baybee was arrested in Atlanta. Pic credit: Reggie Baybee/Instagram

Chicago comedian Reggie Baybee was arrested about a month ago and half ago on “some big charges”, according to his Instagram — in a case which he claims he had nothing to do with.

The message, which appears to have been written by Baybee himself, claims he is innocent of the undisclosed charges, and that he was arrested only because he happened to be in a car with “the wrong people at the wrong time.”

According to another message on a GoFundMe page, Baybee had a large amount of cash on him at the time he was arrested. However, the message claims he made the money legally through his Instagram account.

In his Instagram message, Baybee accuses the police of robbing him of both money and jewelry.

“Da police tryna drag me for some I didn’t do,” he wrote on Instagram. “They robbed me for my money and my jewelry. The bonding companies won’t help me.”

The GoFundMe page was set up by user Isaiah Watts and claims the bonding companies won’t help post Baybee’s $60,000 bond because the arrest took place in Atlanta while he is from Illinois.

A fundraising campaign was started on Wednesday under the hashtags #FreeReggieBaybee and #FreeMe, asking the comedian’s followers for help to get him out of jail by donating. As of the time of writing, the page had raised $1, 353 of $8,000.

“I need yall help free me so I can fight dis s**t from da outside,” Baybee wrote on Instagram, “I know yall got me. If fwm click the link. In my bio and donate anything.”

Although some of his Instagram followers wondered how Baybee was able to post to his Instagram page from jail, it could have been that the same Isaiah Watts who set up the GoFundMe page posted the Instagram message on his behalf.

“I need the money to bond him out and help pay for a good lawyer who can help him fight this the right way,” Watts wrote on GoFundMe. “The system is trying to drag him for something he had nothing to do with because of who he is and his image.”

“I’m asking the world and his fans to help me get him out so he can fight this case from the outside because he is INNOCENT!” the poster concluded.

A person claiming to be Baybee’s grandmother also posted a message to the GoFundMe page asking Baybee’s fans to help free him from jail.

Reggiebae has been incarcerated since March 13 for being in the wrong car. Please give if you can. Free my grandson!

Reggie Baybee, 23, is a comedian from Chicago best known for posting comedic sketches and other entertaining content to his Instagram account. He has more than 525,000 followers on Instagram.

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3 years ago

This dude and his whole crew are scam artist reggie baybee is a thief!! He scams people on instagram that is how he is getting rich by stealing help me stop him!!