College swimmer Luana Alonso prepares for meet with a smile

luana alonso face
Luana Alonso enjoyed another day by the pool. @luanalonsom/Twitter

Luana Alonso is living her best life and taking fans along for the ride. The South American native took to Twitter to share a simple yet powerful message while rocking a black bikini and a smile.

For those out of the loop, the Paraguay-born swimmer made headlines when she killed it at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

With butterfly swimming as Luana’s style of choice, the teenager emerged from the newest crop of swimmers as one to watch in the coming years.

As she waits for round two of the games, courtesy of the 2024 Paris Olympics, Luana is refining her craft, attending Southern Methodist University in Texas.

Luana transferred to SMU at the beginning of her sophomore year after completing her freshman year at Virginia Tech.

The 19-year-old, who celebrated her birthday less than a month ago, joined the SMU swim team, where she has already started breaking records. 

Luana Alonso in a black swimsuit with an Etidol shoutout

Luana took to Twitter to share a simple tweet from her university pool. The tweet featured an image of the talented athlete attending a swim meet. Fans likely recall the background, which appeared in previous Luana shares.

When she isn’t breaking records, the blonde beauty studies Administration and Finance, receiving a scholarship at the Dallas-based university.

Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed the inconspicuous white box with orange writing in the corner of the frame.

That box, containing Etidol, has been one of Luana’s most frequent collaborators as an influencer.

Like many college athletes, Luana’s influencing career is young because the NCAA rules only recently changed.

Luana Alonso joins forces with Etidol Plus

Similarly to fellow Division I gymnast Livvy Dunne, Luana has benefited from the changed NCAA rules, which allowed athletes to capitalize on their name, image, and likeness.

Luana has seen great success with brands from her native Paraguay. One such brand includes Etidol, a brand similar to Advil in the United States. Etidol has ibuprofen formulations — perfect for the recovery needed by an athlete who performs at a high level.

One of Luana’s favorite products from the brand has been Etidol Plus, a pain reliever with an extra boost, thanks to caffeine.

Luana shared a picture by the pool, with a caption in Spanish, appealing to the target demographic.

Right before Christmas, Luana took to Instagram for a quick promo.

She wrote in a caption accompanying the share, “Quickly relieve pain after exercise routines with #EtidolPlus and recharge with energy to continue your day with the effective combination of its components: ibuprofen + caffeine car? you can find all branches of @puntofarmapy ???.”

At just 19 years old, the future is bright for Luana Alonso.

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