College swimmer Andreea Dragoi in red swimsuit prepares for SJSU practice

Andreea Dragoi is getting ready for practice. Pic credit: @dragoi_andreea/Instagram

College athlete Andreea Dragoi made a splash this week, but first, she had to stop and take a selfie.

For those out of the loop, Andreea is one of the new waves of college athletes who has also received work as an influencer.

The blonde beauty was born in Romania but moved to the United States to go to school. Andreea has followed in the footsteps of LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne, using her name, image, and likeness to promote sales.

Sometimes, Andreea simply posts for fun, which was the case earlier in the week.

This week, the college athlete posed in a red swimsuit and shared the image on her Instagram Story. 

Andreea made a silly face and tagged her school, San Jose State University, in the pictures. 

The two shots showed Andreea with wet hair in a locker room, having just hopped out of the shower or the pool. She wore bright red nails as she captured her reflection, with the manicure perfectly matching her suit. The 19-year-old athlete showcased her natural beauty in the delightful share.

Each picture allowed Andreea’s bubbly personality to shine, and she has used her cheerful disposition to receive other honors.

College swimmer Andreea Dragoi in red swimsuit prepares for SJSU practice
Pic credit: @dragoi_andreea/Instagram

Andreea Dragoi’s many talents

Andreea joined the San Jose State University swim team and has also hit the beauty pageant circuit.

When the sophomore isn’t busy attending the California state school, you might find her strutting her stuff in pageants. 

She had some success in her native Romania, competing in beauty pageants in the European country.

But when she moved to the United States, she took her beauty pageant career to the next level.

Andreea won the prestigious honor of Miss California US Nation 2022 and Miss US Nation 2022, proudly showing each title in her Instagram biography.

The beauty queen also has another source of income, and that involves promoting brands.

Andreea Dragoi poses for Medlee Apparel

Andreea snagged an influencing gig with Medlee Apparel. She promoted the brand on her Instagram with a post featuring three photos.

In each shot, Andreea rocked a black and white bikini by the brand.

Andreea offered a deal to a lucky winner in the caption accompanying the post. 

As she revealed in the caption, fans could enter a giveaway and win a bikini or a $50 gift card.

Her caption read, in part, “GIVEAWAY TIME @medleeapparel is gifting one lucky winner one bikini or a $50 gift card! Help my friend get noticed with his new business.”

Although the contest is over, Andreea will likely have many more influencing gigs on the horizon.

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