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Cole Sprouse showed off his ‘dump truck’ in nude selfie but some think its photoshopped

Cole Sprouse during a WIRED segment
Cole Sprouse’s recent mirror photo has gained a hilarious reaction from followers. Pic credit: WIRED/YouTube

Cole Sprouse posted a cheeky new selfie that had some fans referring to him as Cole Kardashian.

The Riverdale star, 29, shared a completely new kind-of photo to his Instagram feed – which previously showcased professional photos, mostly taken by the actor himself.

Cole posted a cheeky selfie with an edited backside

Some followers claimed Cole “broke the internet” on Tuesday with his latest revealing post, consisting of a naked selfie. In the mirror behind him, Cole’s full bottom was shown but seemingly enhanced to be much larger than the rest of his body.

Although he never confirmed whether or not the photo was edited, many fans of the actor jumped to his comment section with jokes about the enhancement after inferring he used a filter or photoshop on his behind.

With over 35 million followers, the post has attained over 5 million likes in just one day.

“Good morning to my publicity team,” he wrote alongside the photo.

Followers’ hilarious reactions to Cole’s post

Although clear that many fans and followers of Cole did not know exactly why he shared the photo, one thing was for sure – the opportunity to comment on the post was not going to be missed by many.

Some people hilariously compared Cole’s backside to the Kardashians – with jokes such as “natural, no plastic” and “you’ve been hanging w the kardashians too much.”

Comment on Cole's instagram
Pic credit: @colesprouse/Instagram

“Keeping up with the sprouse,” another user wrote as an ode to the popular family’s show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Comment on Cole's post
Pic credit: @colesprouse/Instagram

“Haters will say it’s fake,” content creator Jessie Paege said to ironically address the editing.

Comment on Cole's post
Pic credit: @colesprouse/Instagram

And, since it was a bit of a jarring photo to come across one’s Instagram feed, it was pointed out that the Big Daddy child star may have broken the internet with the photo.

Comment saying Cole broke the internet
Pic credit: @colesprouse/Instagram

Although many took to Cole’s Instagram comment section with their thoughts on the selfie, others tweeted their comparisons of the cheeky photo with what it reminded them of.

One Twitter user shared a photo of the backside of a Corgi with the text, “Cole sprouse:”

“Why does #colesprouse look like elastigirl from the back,” another user wrote.

Even Family Guy joined in to let Cole know that Peter Griffin “did it first.”

Whether he used a filter or photoshopped his “dump truck” in the photo, it’s safe to say Cole Sprouse surely gave the internet a good laugh on Tuesday.

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