Coi LeRay makes PiNK ZUSHi announcement in pink Fashion Nova look

Coi LeRay shows off her perfect teeth with a big smile.
Coi LeRay smiles at the camera while wearing lashes. Pic credit: @coileray/Instagram

Coi LeRay has already proven that she fits in with the hip-hop industry as one of the more impressive rappers in the game.

She’s always releasing catchy music, dropping fun music videos, and working on collaborations with top-tier artists who are also incredibly talented.

Since she’s making such a name for herself in the music industry, it makes sense that fans would be curious to know about the brands she’s connected to behind the scenes.

One of the clothing brands Coi represents happens to be Fashion Nova, an affordable outlet that sells trendy clothes to people of all sizes.

Coi posed for a photo to talk about a new company called PiNK ZUSHi while wearing a Fashion Nova fit that looked totally comfortable.

Not long before that, Coi rocked an all-blue outfit that left a little to the imagination based on its cutout design.

Coi LeRay stuns in Fashion Nova for PiNK ZUSHi

Coi posted about PiNK ZUSHi on Instagram while wearing comfy Fashion Nova clothing. Her pink holiday onesie had the words “kiss me” printed in red underneath the chest area.

There was also an image of a mistletoe plant plastered over her stomach. The shorts on the onesie had hard ruffles at the bottom and the straps on top were thin enough to show off her shoulders.

Over her onesie, she wore a white hoodie or robe that appeared to be made out of a super soft material. Coi didn’t seem to be wearing any makeup and she also skipped out on jewelry.

She did have on a pair of reading glasses, though, and her long black hair was parted in the middle, framing her face perfectly.

Coi LeRay looks stunning in bright blue

While spending time in Miami, Florida, Coi wore a cutout dress in a bright blue color. It was designed with missing fabric all over her hips, arms, and chest. It was also totally backless!

Although the dress was designed with long sleeves, most of the skin on her arms was still visible thanks to the intricate design. She wore a handbag that matched her dress in the exact same shade of bright blue.

She also slipped her feet into a pair of rose gold heels and accessorized the look with an anklet, bracelets, a watch, rings, a chunky necklace, and a pair of slick sunglasses.

In the first picture from her thread, she stared into the camera with a serious face, and in the second picture, she threw up a peace sign to show a more casual attitude.

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