Cody Orlove is missing, says girlfriend Zoe LaVerne: Cops involved as fans go ‘Red for Cody’

Cordy Orlove missing
Cody Orlove is missing according to ex-girlfriend Zoe LaVerne. Pic credit: Cody Orlove/YouTube

YouTube and TikTok star Cody Orlove is reportedly missing and thousands of his young fans and followers on social media are worried.

Orlove’s ex-girlfriend Zoe LaVerne announced in a tearful Instagram Live message on Sunday, August 18, that Orlove went missing after he celebrated his 18th birthday on Saturday, August 17, and dropped his EP My Reality on Sunday, August 18.

Zoe said that Cody’s family and friends became worried after Cody left home with his car and personal effects and did not return. They have been unable to contact him by phone and no one knows his whereabouts.

Fans and followers of Cody have also noticed that he has not been active on social media since he dropped his EP My Reality on Sunday, a day after his 18th birthday on Saturday.

Zoe is Cody’s ex-girlfriend and both are known to their fans on, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, as ZoDy. They began dating in November 2017 after they met on social media but broke up in March 2019 following claims that Zoe cheated on Cody.

But despite the explosive allegations, Cody and Zoe have remained good friends.

Although many of Cody’s fans have been showing concern after Zoe announced he was missing, some have been expressing doubts on social media, suggesting it could be a prank to gain attention and promote Cody’s new EP. Others suggested that Cody’s family was keeping his whereabouts secret to keep Cody away from Zoe.

But Cody’s sister Lexi also took to social media to confirm that the YouTube and TikTok star was missing. She denied the allegations that it was all an elaborate prank. She said that members of Cody’s family have been frantically trying to contact him and are worried and praying for his safety. She added that the family did not want to make the issue public at first but were forced to go public after Zoe took to Instagram Live to announce that Cody was missing.

Zoe also pushed back against the accusations that she was lying. She posted a photo of a police car on social media and claimed that police had become involved in the search for Cody.

Zoe and Lexi later shared a picture on Instagram showing them wearing red hoodies and making the heart sign. The girls launched the hashtag #redforcody, which has been trending on social media. They said they hoped that Cody would see the hashtag and understand that that people are missing him and return home.

Other social media influencers, including Danielle Cohn, have also shown support for Zoe and Lexi by wearing red outfits.

Who is Cody Orlove?

Cody Orlove is from Chicago, Illinois. He was born on August 17, 2001. He has a sister Alexa “Lexi” Orlove and a brother Anthony. He is best known to fans for posting covers of popular songs to his and TikTok accounts. Some of his best-known cover songs include This Side of Paradise by Coyote Theory and Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.

He has a huge following on YouTube, Instagram,, and other social media platforms. He is known for his YouTube channel which he shares with Zoe LaVerne.

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