Coco Jones reveals album cover, tells fans how to get tracklist

Coco Jones at Homecoming Weekend
Coco Jones is promoting her new album in a sexy white cutout dress. Pic credit: © Image Press Agency

Coco Jones is having a very busy but amazing year. Season 2 of the wildly popular show Bel-Air, where Coco plays Hilary Banks, began production in September.

The 24-year-old has also been nominated for Best New Artist at the 2022 BET Awards, airing at the end of November. Not only that, but Coco has just dropped her debut EP, titled What I Didn’t Tell You.

Coco co-wrote every track on the 7-track project, showcasing yet another of her many talents. Along with the release, Coco shared her album cover with her 1.6 million Instagram followers, and she looks stunning.

On the cover, Coco is seen wearing a stark white, form-fitting, asymmetrical cutout dress that looks amazing against her long wavy jet-black hair. The dress is sleeveless and gathered around the v-neck.

The shorter side of the dress, cutting off right below her hip, has a tied sash. The longer side has the cutout right at her belly, showing a hint of her navel.

Coco had very natural-looking makeup and was wearing white nail polish. She has one hand placed on her hip while the other is placed by her side.

Coco Jones joins Babyface in new music with Simple

Even with all of the other projects Coco has going on, she still had time to be a feature on other records. Coco joined R&B legend, Kenny Babyface Edmonds, as the lead vocalist, on his song Simple from his recently released album Girls Night Out.

The two have also released a video for the song. In a clip from the video that Babyface shared on his Instagram, Coco is seen wearing a long black evening gown, lounging on an artistic piece of blue furniture while singing about trust issues in a relationship.

Coco is then seen in a long-sleeved red gown with sheer red curtains behind her. The scene then switched to Coco in a shorter black dress.

Coco Jones has been a star for years

Coco started her career in music and television back in 2012 when she starred in the Disney Channel film Let it Shine as Roxie. After a few more guest appearances on Disney shows, Coco signed a record deal with Hollywood Records.

After releasing several singles and then being dropped by her record label in 2014, Coco starred in a Fanta commercial in 2017. Then in February 2022, Peacock’s Bel-Air aired where Coco shined as Hilary Banks, the Banks family’s oldest daughter.

In March 2022, Coco announced that she had signed with Def Jam Records. Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber are also signed with the label.

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