Coco Jones all smiles while enjoying an evening at Mr. T in Los Angeles

Coco Jones in mini dress
Coco Jones is seen out on the town last night, looking stunning. Pic credit: ©

Coco Jones clearly had a great time at Mr. T in Los Angeles last night.

While meeting a few friends at the restaurant, she stopped to take a picture smiling ear to ear, and the results were absolutely stunning.  

On Wednesday, she was photographed in a gorgeous long-sleeved mini dress that showed off the 5’10” actress’ long legs. The unique dress sported pink, gray, and blue, giving a cool tone thermal effect.  

For her hair, she kept it simple with a black shoulder-length bob. She accessorized her look with silver hoops, stacked necklaces, and a hot pink bag. 

Her makeup looked gorgeous as she was seen, with thick eyebrows and long eyelashes going for a more natural look. 

The former Disney star finished the look with silver open-toe heels to add a delicate effect to the outfit.  

Coco Jones at Mr.T
Pic credit: 1 / BACKGRID

Coco Jones was partying with Cardi B earlier this week 

This was a busy week for Coco Jones. She attended Cardi B’s birthday party on Tuesday to celebrate her 30th birthday.  

Coco Jones at Cardi B's birthday 
Pic credit:@cocojones/Instagram
Pic credit:@cocojones/Instagram

Following the burlesque-themed event, Coco enlisted Jaye Ew to curate the perfect look. She showed up at Poppy nightclub in all-white cabaret attire. She wore a long strapless corset to show off her tiny waist. Coco paired the corset with tiny ruffled shorts that had garter attachments at the hem.  

There was no shortage of accessories for Coco. She had on long white evening gloves with a crystal bracelet and large rings. To add an old Hollywood vibe, she included a silver headdress and statement necklace. To pull it all together she wrapped a white feather boa and was ready to go out on the town.  

Her makeup looked beautiful for the party as well; she wore gold eyeshadow with a bold red lip.  

Coco Jones’s show Bel-Air has been renewed for a second season 

The month of October has been really good for Coco Jones.

Her hit show Bel-Air recently announced that it would be coming back for Season 2. The show is a reboot of the hit 90s show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

In an interview with The Cut, she admitted that she really enjoyed working with the cast and crew, and playing the character, Hilary Banks.  

“On a show like Bel-Air, nobody’s putting me into a box,” she told the publication. “I get to be this amazing character that is Hilary. I get to wear these amazing outfits, and I get to represent dark skin, Black beauty.” 

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