Coco Austin stuns on set for photo shoot in seriously skimpy lingerie

Coco Austin close up
Coco Austin stuns in skimpy lingerie as she poses on set. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Coco Austin made a name for herself as a bikini and lingerie model, and based on this photo, it’s pretty clear why.

Even at 43 years old, Ice-T’s gorgeous wife is still dropping jaws with many of her photos, including this throwback that was shared to her Instagram Stories earlier this week.

In it, Coco, who was still rocking her blonde mane at the time, set hearts ablaze as she posed for a photo while standing on a professional set in a matching red bra and panties. She kept simple black pumps on her feet.

Behind her, you can see a backdrop, curtains, and a tripod used to catch the professional photos as she stuns in what seems to be an impromptu shot taken during a break.

While Coco only stands 5-feet-2-inches tall, she seems so much taller with her statuesque legs and pronounced curves.

The red-hot photo was initially shared by one of Coco’s fans, but she soon took notice and reshared the picture herself so that her 3 million Instagram followers could also see the gorgeous throwback.

Coco Austin posing in skimpy underwear
Coco Austin stuns in red. Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Coco Austin shares her secrets to maintaining her famous curves

Coco Austin works hard to maintain her immaculate figure, but it turns out that her routine is more diet than exercise.

After giving birth to her now 6-year-old daughter Chanel, Coco talked to E! News about getting back in shape and about how she’s maintained her curvy figure over the years. And while exercise is important, Coco admitted that she pays more attention to what she eats.

Coco made it clear that she eats what she wants, but she’s very careful about portion sizes, making sure that she doesn’t overindulge in the foods that she loves, like macaroni and cheese.

Fast forward to 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic first began. Gyms were closed, and everyone, including Coco Austin, had to get creative about their workouts.

Thankfully, she was kind enough to share her workout tips with fans and followers on Facebook so they, too, could stay fit when getting to a gym was nearly impossible.

Coco Austin channels Marilyn Monroe

In addition to sporting some seriously famous curves, Coco Austin has a great sense of humor.

Just this week, she took to TikTok with a blonde Marilyn Monroe wig and did a skit for her followers. In it, she explained why the house was a mess and dinner wasn’t done — as she was too busy being TikTok famous with just 20 followers.

In reality, Coco has more than 219,000 TikTok followers, which is just a drop in the bucket compared to her 3 million Instagram followers, but if she keeps it up, her numbers there are sure to keep growing.

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