Coco Austin shares a photo of what she looked like when she first met Ice-T

Coco Austin poses for an Instagram selfie in October 2022
A pink-haired Coco snaps an Instagram selfie in October 2022. Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Coco Austin has been with her rapper/actor husband, Ice-T, for over two decades.

The lovebirds are still going strong after meeting 22 years ago, and Coco recently shared a photo of herself around the time she and Ice-T met.

Coco shared the throwback photo of herself with her three million Instagram followers as she posed in a skimpy bikini when she was just 22 years old.

The blonde bombshell struck a pose while standing in front of a minibar, placing her hands on the barstools behind her.

Coco looked fierce in the snap, with a serious expression on her face, donning a pair of sleek black sunglasses to accompany her alluring look.

The 43-year-old model showcased her famous curves in her lime green string bikini paired with clear heels accentuating her shapely legs.

Coco Austin sizzles in throwback bikini photo when she first met her husband Ice-T

She captioned the pic, “Looking at photos around the time period of when I met Ice… Me at 22 #pictureofapicture #bada** #throwback.”

The photo was initially shared to one of Coco’s fan accounts, @cocoisdope, on their Instagram page, and Coco shared their Instagram Story on her own. The photo was captioned, “stunning then stunning still.”

coco austin shares a throwback bikini photo in her Instagram stories from a fan account
Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Coco, real name Nicole Natalie Marrow, has maintained her incredible physique for over 20 years since the sultry photo was snapped.

Coco practices yoga and extreme acrobatics to maintain her sensational physique

The California native has worked as a model for decades, and she knows that staying in shape is part of the game. She and sometimes her 7-year-old daughter, Chanel, love to engage in yoga as part of her fitness routine.

Coco has been known to show off her impressive flexibility, and creative yoga poses on Instagram.

Speaking with Muscle and Fitness, Coco shared that she tends to focus on her lower half when she hits the gym.

“I generally work out my lower body every time I go to the gym,” Coco shared. “I concentrate on doing squats and lunges with weights. I work on the top of my booty muscles. If I work hard enough, I can get my butt pretty big, but it takes a lot of dedication and heavy weights.”

Coco likes to get creative about staying fit as she has also engaged in extreme acrobatics, performing splits and poses while suspended 12 feet in the air.

To “trick” her body, she even wears stilettos during her workouts. “I basically exhaust my muscles in sneakers, then put the heels on. I do it to trick my body,” she said.

In a November 2021 Instagram post, Coco proved her point when she shared some behind-the-scenes snaps during a gym session. In the photos, Coco donned a pair of Nike athletic shoes fashioned into high heels to complement her black crop top and matching biker shorts while building some muscle on the lat-pulldown machine.

Coco’s typical diet in a day

Coco knows that diet is equally as important as fitness. Ice-T’s wife shared her typical diet with People, listing what she typically eats in a day.

The 5’2″ stunner starts her day with a whopping five 500-mL bottles of Evian natural spring water, followed by a Starbucks chai latte with whole milk and two pumps of vanilla for breakfast.

For her mid-morning snack, Coco enjoys 16 ounces of pumpkin, a whey protein shake, and an apple with peanut butter. Lunch typically consists of chicken breast paired with mashed potatoes and gravy with a goat cheese salad on the side.

Her afternoon snack is typically a bowl of fruit, and she indulges in two tacos with “a little” rice for dinner. To satisfy her sweet tooth, Coco enjoys 15-20 LifeSavers gummies for dessert to finish her day.

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