Coco Austin returns to blonde after months with hot pink hair

Coco Austin poses at The Paley Center for Media Hollywood event
Coco Austin went back to blonde after boasting pink hair for 10 months. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Coco Austin looked gorgeous as she snapped a photo documenting the results of a recent hair appointment.

The 43-year-old TV personality and actress showed off her luscious bleach-blond locks in the photo. The blond was a bit of a surprise as she had previously dyed her hair hot pink.

Austin effectively pulled off the hot pink hairdo and kept it for 10 months. However, it appeared she was ready for a change as she reverted to blonde.

She shared the change in a selfie snapped at Bella’s Beauté Studio in Edgewater, New Jersey. Austin kept her outfit simple for the hair appointment with a plunging, formfitting black tank top.

However, she went glam for her makeup, boasting hot pink lipstick and bold eyeliner and mascara. She also had her fingernails painted white which matched well with her blond hair.

In her caption, Austin tagged Bellas Beauté Studio to give the salon credit for her transformation.

Coco Austin showed off dramatic hair transformation

Austin also tagged Izabella Szlanta and Danielle Scaturro, the hairstylists who helped get her back to blond. Meanwhile, she looked happy with her transformation as she posed for the selfie with a slight smile on her face and toyed with several strands of hair.

Austin first debuted her pink hair in January of this year. She announced the change on social media to her followers with a selfie of her initial pink hair.

In the post, she indicated that the pink hair was in honor of the New Year and her desire to do something different for 2022. She posed for the photo in a light pink long-sleeve blouse that further accentuated her pink hair color.

Over the past 10 months, Austin committed fully to her new hairstyle. She posted in March that she attended the salon frequently to revive her pink tones and dye her roots.

As a result, her hair always looked sleek and deeply pink.

Austin looked stunning with both hot pink hair and bleach blonde hair. It remains to be seen if she sticks with blonde or surprises her fans with another hair color.

Austin is expanding her self-titled brand

While Austin is best known as a reality TV star and model, she has also been working on expanding her brand.

Austin delved into the world of business in 2009 when she launched her clothing brand, Licious. The brand was specifically designed for curvier women.

She later expanded her brand to include the product lines Cocolicious lingerie and Coco Licious pleasure products. She sells her products largely through her official website, Coco’s World.

In addition to this, she also launched an app, Coco’s Workout World, in 2014. The app allowed users to train with Austin and learn her workout routine secrets.

Austin has continued to build up the retail empire she created. Recently, her focus has shifted more toward her lingerie and adult toy product lines.

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