Coco Austin is ‘perfection’ in a sizzling throwback photo

Coco Austin snaps an IG selfie October 2022
Coco snaps a striking selfie while she was still rocking hot pink hair. Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Blonde bombshell Coco Austin showed off her beauty, physique, and modeling prowess in her latest throwback photo.

Coco has accumulated a legion of adoring fans over the years, and she loves to show her appreciation for them on social media.

One of the many Instagram pages dedicated to fawning over Coco recently shared a memorable photo of the blonde beauty in honor of Throwback Thursday.

Coco shared the image to her Instagram Story, where her 3 million followers got a look at a younger Coco striking a pose.

In the photo, Coco looked incredible, with her signature platinum blonde hair styled in waves cascading down her back.

The 44-year-old, who celebrates her birthday today on St. Patrick’s Day, rocked a golden glow and a pretty pink gloss on her lips for the stunning photograph.

Coco Austin sends temperatures soaring with a scorching-hot throwback photo

The wife of Ice-T donned a French manicure, a silver chainlink bracelet, and a dainty anklet to add some bling to her look.

Coco struck an over-the-shoulder pose as she looked at the photographer, positioning herself on a table with both hands.

coco austin shared a throwback photo in her Instagram story
Coco posed in a sheer skirt for a Throwback Thursday photo from a fan. Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Coco donned a black bra and a nearly see-through black skirt paired with some black heels. Coco’s skirt featured ruching on the sides, and she added a belt to emphasize her snatched waistline.

The photo was captioned, “PERFECTION QUEEN @coco.”

For decades, Coco has captivated her fans and followers with her beauty and her jaw-dropping figure. Planning ahead is important to the former Ice Loves Coco star, who takes her beauty routine very seriously.

Coco shares the beauty regimen that keeps her looking gorgeous and youthful

She spoke with Allure about her makeup and skincare regimen, revealing that it’s a lengthy process. Before she goes to bed every night, she chooses her outfit for the next day, including her accessories, and engages in a youth-defying routine.

What is one of Coco’s tricks for keeping her skin looking hydrated and youthful? “I never sleep in makeup. I wash my face every single night — I take the makeup off with Shiseido, the foam,” she told the publication.

After washing her face, Coco exfoliates her skin, which she says gives her “the softest baby skin.” After a good exfoliation, Coco hydrates her body with Nivea skin-firming moisturizer.

For her face, Coco is a fan of Future Solutions by Shiseido and Chantecaille. “The thing I love about this is it has gold in it, so when you put it on your face, it reflects gold, like you have makeup on,” Coco shared.

Another one of Coco’s must-haves is lip gloss, which she admits she has on “pretty much 24/7.” Coco’s trademark lip color has become pink, which she says is her favorite color. For her golden glow, Coco alternates between tanning beds and spray tanning.

So, how does Ice-T feel about all of the time Coco spends primping herself before bed?

“He’s like, ‘I don’t understand why you gotta do all of that,'” Coco added. “Believe me, it’s a lot of preparation, but it really is well worth it at the end. You want that young look forever, you know?”

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7 days ago

Pure perfection. Every woman should look like coco..

Elaine House
Elaine House
6 days ago

Now watch these people pick on her again. Leave her alone. At least she’s not showing her fake boobs for everyone to see like this kindly girl and other women with fake boobs so on a daily basis on this page. Playboy models not fashion models