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Coco Austin in leopard print cut-out swimsuit twins with daughter

Coco Austin at The 2016 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens.
Coco Austin took to her Instagram page again this week to share another adorable twinning shot as she and her daughter wore matching leopard-print swimsuits with mid-riff cut-outs. ©

Coco Austin was at it again as she stylishly twinned with her daughter, Chanel, over a holiday break as she shared a snap to her Instagram page.

The wife of rapper Ice-T posed deck-side on what appeared to be a yacht, holding hands with her 6-year-old as the two beamed a the camera.

Rocking matching one-pieces, the mother-daughter duo looked as chic and snazzy as ever as they sailed in Floridian waters.

Coco and her daughter wore matching cut-out swimsuits

Standing on a rubber mat that seemed to read “Yacht Charter Fort Lauderdale FL” the pair jazzed up the scenery in their suits, which matched down to about every detail.

Coco was as busty as ever in hers, the leopard print swimwear pushing her chest up and inward to add some major definition to her upper half while a sexy cut-out showed off almost all of her mid-riff.

Ties at the middle of her sternum and on the sides of her waist created some extra oomph to the ensemble.

Chanel, meanwhile, wore the same suit with the main difference being that the design was simply made for a child. Otherwise, the suits were completely identical.

The two even styled their hair the same way, with Coco’s pink locks and Chanel’s brown hair both respectively separated into two low-hanging pigtail braids.

Fans of the star shared their positive comments on the new twinning moment, with most of them appearing to be supportive.

Fans tell Coco they love her latest twinning snap with her daughter.
Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

With the caption “Quick Florida stop… 🌴🛥💦” Coco’s followers were there to lap up every part of the post.

“Even matching braids 😍” shared one person, with others chiming in “yes you deserve it and you have to enjoy the summer,” “Cheetah girls 😍,” and “MeWOW 🐱🖤.”

Coco recently suffered the wrath of the internet after wearing a thong bikini

While this post got fans riled up in a good way as they largely rushed to send nothing but love to the actress, Coco recently received the raw end of the web’s opinions as many of her followers took up arms to critique a bathing suit choice she made at a water park.

Sharing a snap of herself with Chanel at a water park in the Bahamas, Coco could be seen in some heavily revealing attire, donning her typical busty top while pairing it with a thong-style bikini bottom that put her ample booty on full display for all to see.

Coco’s fans sent some positive vibes to the star, however many of them took to blasting her for wearing such showy swimwear while around a bunch of kids.

Both Coco and Ice-T also recently got slammed by fans after sharing a shot of themselves posing with Chanel sitting in a stroller and looking bored.

The celebrity pair just can’t seem to go long without falling out the good graces of the population.

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