Coco Austin gets blasted for bathing six-year-old daughter in kitchen sink

Coco Austin at a gala event.
Coco Austin was blasted yet again for another parenting choice some fans view as inappropriate. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Coco Austin was blasted yet again for making what many fans viewed as a dubious parenting choice.

The 43-year-old wife of rapper Ice-T jumped onto one of her Instagram pages this week to share a video clip of her six-year-old daughter Chanel enjoying a bubble bath in a slightly odd locale.

With a massive sprawl of the inside of their mansion behind her, Chanel could be seen sitting comfortably in the kitchen sink, a rainbow-hued tablet propped up in front of her.

Followers quickly made the post viral as many criticized Coco for allowing her bigger kid to use the sink as her bathing area.

“Are you kidding?! In the kitchen sink!! 🤢🤮 SHE’s not a BABY ANYMORE!” exclaimed one unamused person.

Others followed suit with comments that echoed the sentiment, telling the star she should not be using the kitchen sink for bathing and reminding her that her daughter is not little anymore.

Coco Austin's tweet about being an "unconventional mother"
Pic credit: @cocosworld/Twitter

Coco herself took to Twitter to share her personal disgust at the internet’s response to her recent decision, telling fans, “People, you gotta know by now that I’m an unconventional mother. I do what works and is easier on me.”

She added a jab at the end of her rant, telling the populace that they might want to “take some pointers” from her instead of slamming her parenting.

This is not the first time Coco has been shamed online for her life choices, having previously been ridiculed for allowing Chanel to use a stroller.

Coco Austin slammed for putting 6-year-old in stroller

Back in May, Coco and Ice-T found themselves in hot water after the blonde model posted pics of her family unit enjoying a vacation away.

Sharing several snaps of her and Ice-T strolling around the Bahamas while a disgruntled-looking Chanel sat slumped in a stroller.

Fans responded with fury after seeing the pics, with most of them heavily disapproving of the couple’s choice.

Fans react to Coco Austin bathing her daughter in the kitchen sink.
Pic credit: @babychanelnicole/Instagram

A mere two days after the controversial stroller post, Coco was again put through the wringer when she shared photos of her and Chanel getting in some waterpark time, with Coco going with a showy thong bikini as her attire for the outing.

Coco Austin wears thong bikini to waterpark

During the family’s tropical vacation, Coco seemed to happily work in some playtime with Chanel as the trio frolicked at a local island waterpark.

The mother-of-one picked a stringy and revealing thong bikini for the occasion, showing plenty of skin from back to front, and fans were not too thrilled with the star’s swimwear.

Many of them critiqued Coco’s swimsuit, telling her it was “inappropriate” to wear such skimpy material at a location where children were present, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Regardless of her personal and parenting choices, Coco continues to hold her followers captive with her mesmerizing beauty and daring outfits.

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