Coco Austin channels Marilyn Monroe in plunging neckline

coco austin curves
Coco Austin shows killer curves as she channels Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Pic credit: ©

Coco Austin showed that she could rock any look as she posed in a Marilyn Monroe wig in front of her infamous collection of shoes for a share on social media.

The model, born Nicole Natalie Marrow, posted on TikTok as she let out her inner-Housewife.

She later re-posted the video on her Instagram, adding to the prospective audience that could watch the clip.

The latest share highlighted Coco’s personality and showed that she was more than just a pretty face.

Coco cosplayed as a housewife who had time to get glammed up but did not have time to do her housewife duties, such as preparing dinner or cleaning the home.

Of course, this video had a humorous slant as the woman later explained that she was social media famous and had no time for chores.

Coco Austin channels glamorous housewife for amusing share

The video began with Coco as she looked at the camera with a slight smile and her blonde wig styled in Marilyn’s iconic updo. She was rocking a white dress with floral patterns, a diamond choker, and a pair of hoop earrings.

Coco spoke over the voice of a woman whose husband was dissatisfied because his wife was “all dressed up,” but there were no groceries, the house was in disarray, and dinner was not prepared.

Coco joked that she had become TikTok famous, with a staggering 20 followers on the social media platform.


Tiktok Famous! Housewife issues #tiktokfamous #housewife

♬ sunet original – ADA

She concluded the clip, “I have 20 followers. I have to entertain.” Coco placed her diamond-embellished sunglasses on her face in a dramatic fashion to end the clip.

Coco has more than 20 followers, however. The model has increased her Instagram follower number to three million, and she has 215.5 k followers on TikTok.

Some of Coco’s followers may recognize the fabulous background to her latest amusing post.

Coco Austin’s shoe closet is legendary

Coco Austin has demonstrated pride in her fabulous shoe closet. The color-coordinated collection boasts more than one million dollars of shoewear.

Coco told Page Six that people had shown interest in her shoes and her feet. She explained about her fans, “They know I love my shoes, and I take good care of my feet.”

Accordingly, Coco has taken good care of her precious body parts.

She continued, “I go get pedicures every two weeks because I know all of my fetish feet world people are looking at my big toe.”

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