Clay Matthews scooter crash: NFL star reveals details of accident as a child

Clay Matthews
Clay Matthews is opening up about a scary childhood accident on a scooter. Pic credit: Verizon

Clay Matthews is opening up about a scary accident he had as a child in the new Verizon commercial campaign, where Verizon puts the focus on first responders in the nation.

The campaign, called The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here, tells the stories of 12 NFL players who have relied on first responders to help them out in potentially deadly situations.

Matthews’ accident happened when he was around 5 or 6 years old. His mom is also part of the commercial, explaining that he was a wild child. Everything had to be fast all the time, earning Clay the nickname of psycho.

Clay was riding his scooter, a skateboard-like scooter with handlebars, when he suddenly flew over the handlebars, landing on the concrete, face first. He was unconscious and had rocks stuck on his face. He was also laying in his own blood on the road.

Matthews explains that it was a scary and horrific sight, when his mother found him on the concrete. She even questions whether he would have made it.

His mother explains that she suspected the worst and she was worried that she could have lost him. Clay reveals that the first responders were quick to arrive at the scene and after assessing the brain trauma, they decided he needed more tests.

Once he arrived at the hospital, Clay’s mother learned that he had suffered a concussion and he had swelling of the brain.

Clay’s mom reveals that the first responders really helped her that day because they were able to talk to her and guide her through this process.

She also explained that being able to get a hug from one of them during this emotional time where she didn’t know whether she had lost her son was powerful and important to her.

Matthews reminds viewers that he’s just playing a football game at the end of the day, but that the first responders are the true heroes. The commercial ends with Clay saying thank you to the first responders, who risk their lives to save people in need.

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