Claudia Vergara lounges poolside for sunny vibes

claudia vergara face
Claudia Vergara enjoyed a sunny day by the pool. Pic credit: @cdvergara/Instagram

Sofia Vergara’s niece, Claudia Vergara, looked fabulous while relaxing and enjoying the pool.

The celebrity relative also shared her stunning thick tresses in a trio of pictures posted on social media.

Claudia has made a name for herself, working as a model and a television presenter. She also nabbed some acting roles as she showed that she had multiple talents.

But Claudia is more than a triple threat; she also has seen success as an influencer.

The Colombian native has amassed 314,000 followers on Instagram, where she has created a beautiful aesthetic. 

Part of Claudia’s image includes swimsuit images like the one she just shared. 

Claudia shared a three-part Instagram carousel, beginning with a shot of her epic tresses.

Claudia Vergara stuns by the pool for a casual Sunday

The first image featured the back of Claudia’s dark blonde hair. The sun touched Claudia’s thick locks, wrapped in a stylish pink hair clip. The photo allowed fans to see the dynamic nature of her beautiful hair.

The second shot saw Claudia posing on a pink towel by the pool. She sat on the concrete next to the water, and black text signified Claudia was by the shallow end.

The 30-year-old sported a pink two-piece swimsuit as she soaked up the sun. The pink tops and bottoms had zebra print and a string finish. Claudia was sure to protect her eyes from harmful rays with fashionable sunglasses.

The final picture revealed Claudia taking her relaxation a step further. She adjusted from lounging to lying down as she absorbed the Vitamin D and posed for the perfect shot.

In Claudia’s caption, she acknowledged the special day with a sun emoji and the word “daze.”

The caption, of course, was a clever way to reference Sundays.

When Claudia isn’t relaxing by the pool, you might find her influencing on Instagram. Claudia has secured multiple brand deals, including one with Aveeno.

Steal The Style

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Claudia Vergara promotes Aveeno

In 2021, Claudia shared a beautiful picture on social media with a smile and a product to promote.

The actress held Aveeno moisturizer in one hand with a dropper containing product in the other.

Claudia carried the Aveeno Calm + Restore™ Triple Oat Serum for Sensitive Skin — a product that promises to penetrate the moisture barrier.

In her caption, Claudia revealed her own sensitive skin while sharing the benefits of the serum.

She wrote, “Sooo hydrating and soothing🤤. @aveenous calm + restore serum contains triple oat complex and feverfew, ideal for me and my sensitive skin people✌🏻 (Plus: Its not sticky at all and feels smooth and delish under makeup) #AveenoPartner #sensitiveskin #ad.”

At just 30 years old, there is no telling what Claudia might do next.

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