Claudia Sulewski stuns in white Prada tank top

Claudia Sulewski smiles for the camera
Claudia Sulewski looks beautiful smiling for the camera in natural makeup and long lashes. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

YouTuber Claudia Sulewski looks incredible as always in a Prada outfit.

The 26-year-old is known mainly for her fun YouTube videos and being in a relationship with Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas.

She recently shared some pictures looking incredible for an event and making everybody jealous of the pieces she was wearing.

Claudia wore a white tank top with the Prada triangle logo at the center of her chest.

She paired this top with a long skirt. The top half was made of brown cotton material, while the lower half was made of a sheer pink fabric that reached down to her ankles.

As if she wasn’t wearing enough expensive Prada items already, so she decided to put on a pair of black, short, pointy heels.

Claudia Sulewski promotes Prada fragrance in a whole outfit of the same brand

The social media personality accessorized this look with a chic black and red bag adorned with a gold chain, adding an extra pop of color.

She also put on two gold necklaces and a ring, giving her fans a close-up of her pretty green eyes, metallic eye shadow, dark purple lips, and the bottle of the Prada perfume she was promoting.

Claudia shared a lot of pictures of this look on her Instagram and captioned his post, “NEVER THE SAME, ALWAYS MYSELF #PradaParadoxe @pradabeauty #PradaBeautyPartner.”

Claudia Sulewski and Billie Eilish pose together for a pre-Halloween party

Claudia has been dating singer and songwriter Finneas since 2018 who also happens to be the brother of popstar Billie Eilish.

She always shows her support for the siblings on her social media, and since the couple has been dating for a long time and even live together now, Claudia has been the muse for a couple of her boyfriend’s songs like Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, and even a song he titled in her name.

Eilish and the social media personality have been seen in pictures before and it looks like they have a great and friendly relationship.

The host and actress posted a picture of Eilish taking a selfie of them and a few other friends at what seemed like a pre-Halloween celebration.

This post was a photo dump of that night, as well as of Claudia posing for the camera as she got ready to go out wearing a stylish black leather jacket and a sharp eyeliner wing.

In another photo, she put on an asymmetrical silk shirt with a thin strap around her neck and a matching long skirt.

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