Claudia Schiffer is unbuttoned and braless in sexy throwback

Claudia Schiffer walks the red carpet at an event.
This weekend, Claudia Schiffer got the internet heated up when she shared a sexy throwback pic of herself wearing an unbuttoned shirt while braless. ©

Claudia Schiffer, 51, may be most well-known for her former modeling days, but the German-born beauty certainly knows how to keep the public interested despite having retired from the demanding career years ago.

Rising to fame in the 1990s, dominating runways everywhere with the likes of Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford in their hay-days as supermodels, Claudia left the profession early, quitting the catwalks in her late 20s to focus more on magazine and campaign modeling.

While her star as a high-fashion runway model has ended, Claudia ensured that her fans were reminded of her height in the industry by sharing a sexy throwback pic.

Claudia posed braless in an unbuttoned shirt for a throwback

Claudia typically spends time on her Instagram page sharing current playful snaps while peppering her page with random throwback pics to keep things spicy.

However, her most recent story share was right up there on the list of one of her hottest posts in a long time.

The leggy blonde took some time out of her schedule to give fans a little reminder of her former glory days, sharing some black-and-white pics while doing a shoot with Steven Meisel.

Claudia poses for a black and white throwback pic while giving a shout-out to her photographer.
Pic credit: @claudiaschiffer/Instagram

Claudia could be seen in a sensual pose, curving her arms behind her head while looking fiercely at the lens while wearing a long-sleeved, ribbed shirt with the top buttons undone as she tagged Steven.

Next, Claudia shared the ultimate throwback and went bare-chested, only just covering up herself with a long shirt.

Claudia stood against the backdrop of a wall, leaning into it while looking stoically at the camera, her white blouse totally unbuttoned so that her bust was visible along with her toned abs.

Keeping her hands in the shirt’s pockets, Claudia brought major sultry vibes to her social media site with the sexy post.

Claudia Schiffer shows off some skin in a sexy throwback pic that features her going braless with an open-faced shirt on.
Pic credit: @claudiaschiffer/Instagram

Claudia’s cameo in Love Actually came with a hefty price tag

While Claudia has largely dropped out of the spotlight in recent years, fans of the smash-hit romantic comedy Love Actually will surely remember her small role in the beloved film.

Playing single mom Carol, Claudia had a moments-long spot in the movie when she bumps into Liam Neeson’s character following the end of an elementary school play. At that point, the two lock eyes, and magic fills the air as they appear to make an instant connection.

The brief cameo, or rather two brief cameos as the model appeared again at the very end of the film for one final scene, cost the studio a pretty penny to secure the deal.

Claudia nailed down a whopping price of $350,000 to make her acting appearance, a tag that rivals some other minor celebs while not even coming close to cameos done by bigger names, such as the brief one made by Ving Rhames in Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol, for which he took away a cool $7.7 million.

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