Claudia Jordan calls out Meghan Markle over Deal or No Deal comments

Meghan Markle close up
Meghan Markle claimed she was treated like a “bimbo” on Deal or No Deal. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Claudia Jordan, former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, hit back against Meghan Markle’s claims that she was treated like a “bimbo” while working as a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Archetypes, Meghan claimed she was left feeling “objectified” after being “forced to be all looks and little substance.” She was a briefcase girl for just one season, which ran from 2006-2007.

In the episode titled, Breaking down ‘The Bimbo’ with Paris Hilton, Meghan said all the models would line up and go around to different stations, including a place to pad their bras.

Meghan claimed, “It was solely about beauty and not necessarily about brains.”

Many models from the show have hit back at these claims and defended the show. During a TMZ Live talk, Claudia said, “For clarity – yes, getting a modeling gig on a game show isn’t necessarily about your intellect.”

She defended the show, stating, “And Deal or No Deal never treated us like bimbos. We got so many opportunities because of that show.”

While Claudia has always been a staunch supporter of Meghan and said she will continue to do so, she “didn’t want any misunderstanding about the climate and environment on the Deal or No Deal set.”

She also noted that Howie Mandel, the host of Deal or No Deal at the time, was “nothing but kind and respectful” to all 26 models.

Patricia Kara, a former model on Deal or No Deal spoke out against Meghan’s comments

Another former model on the show, Patricia Kara, spoke out against Meghan’s comments on an episode of Inside Edition, saying there was no such thing as a station for padding your bra.

She called it “unfortunate” that Meghan felt the way she did, and claimed she had nothing but positive memories from her time on the show, which included several seasons.

Whoopi Goldberg said Meghan should have known what she was getting into

The View host Whoopi Goldberg talked about Meghan’s comments on a recent episode, saying she believed people cared about the money and weren’t looking at the models in an objectifying way.

Whoopi made it pretty clear she felt that Meghan should have known what she was getting into, saying, “That’s TV, baby. But, what did you think you were going to? You know that’s what the show was.”

There has been a lot of backlash against Meghan after her comments about being a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal, with many not understanding why she would expect to be treated as anything except a model.

A stylist on Deal or No Deal defended the show

Even a stylist on the show, Dina Cerchione, defended them from Meghan’s comments, writing on her Instagram that everyone who worked on the show, especially the models, got so many opportunities from it. She defended everyone who worked on the show, including producers and host Howie Mandel.

Howie Mandel couldn’t remember who Meghan was

For his part, Howie claimed during an episode of Uncensored with Piers Morgan that he didn’t even remember who Meghan was.

He told the host, “I did not know her and I don’t remember her to this day.”

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