Cindy Prado takes Paris by storm with fashion moment

Cindy Prado is showing skin in Paris. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Cindy Prado has never been afraid to take a fashion risk.

In fact, she has made quite a living for herself by doing just that. But in her latest social media post, Cindy took her daring styles to the next level.

As Cindy’s 2.7 million Instagram followers would soon learn, she knows how to look like a million bucks.

Cindy tagged Lioness clothing in the images as part of her promotional duties.

The social media sensation took to her Instagram to share a six-part carousel featuring a stylish yet sexy look.

The influencer added a Paris, France geotag, just in case fans didn’t know where she was.

Cindy Prado stuns in Lioness clothing

The first picture showed Cindy in a Parisian square, looking très chic with a plaid ensemble.

It appeared the popular influencer was in the luxurious Champs Élysées area, with stunning Haussmann architecture serving as the perfect backdrop.

Cindy’s Lioness skirt resembled the Utility Mini Skirt in Beige, retailing for $69. Meanwhile, her blazer looked like the Evanescence Blazer, retailing for $50. Fans will have to wait for the upcoming Lioness collection, but Cindy did a great job drumming up interest.

Her light-colored garments included a pleated skirt with a thigh-high leg slit and a jacket she wore over her shoulders. Under that, Cindy carried a patent leather Chanel bag perfectly matching her attire.

The second shot featured Cindy striking a pose on a light fixture and keeping things cool with rectangular-shaped sunglasses.

A swipe right revealed Cindy with her hands on her hips, blowing a kiss and wearing white boots. The boots ended below Cindy’s knees, adding cowboy energy to her schoolgirl ensemble.

Cindy’s outfit was bold, wearing a white undergarment top featured prominently under her jacket.

And it appeared that she thought so too, because her caption read, “How to look like a million bucks.”

Cindy may very well be on her way to making one million bucks, thanks to her lifestyle business, Prado Program.

Cindy Prado launches Prado Program

Cindy combined her social media following and business sense to create her Prado Program. The model launched a social media page for her endeavor, communicating her nutritional and fitness wisdom with the masses.

Fans may buy a Prado Program monthly membership for $49. Similarly, fans can save money with a three-month membership for $120. The Prado Program membership provides access to inspirational quotes, workout routines, and recipe tips.

The fitness app even features shopping lists and meal plan ideas, with everything someone needs on a fitness journey. A recent post on the social media page revealed that many people have the wrong idea about fitness and cardio.

A caption read, “In our monthly app we give you the 20% resistance training the 10% cardio and the 70% diet you need helping you 100% achieve your goals.”

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