Cindy Prado stuns in the sun wearing a matching crop top and leggings

Cindy Prado takes a selfie in Bali
Cindy Prado looked stunning in a crop top and leggings for a promotion. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Cindy Prado soaked in the sun while looking glamorous in a matching crop top and leggings. The 30-year-old model snapped the photos while in Miami Beach, Florida, to promote Luli Fama.

Luli Fama is a Miami-based clothing brand that specializes in swimsuits and activewear. Prado was trying out some activewear from the company’s new ready-to-wear collection.

According to her, the “shimmery black set” that she donned was the perfect outfit to celebrate New Year’s Eve in. She encouraged fans to get it before the holiday using the company’s convenient two-day shipping.

Meanwhile, Prado proved that the two-piece set was the perfect outfit for her. The long-sleeve crop featured a plunging u-neck and showed off her impressively toned midriff.

The matching leggings hugged her long legs tightly and featured a unique strap that wrapped around her waist like a belt. Though the outfit was black, it had a shimmery hue to it that gave it extra style.

Prado posed in the outfit on the beach, adding a pair of rectangular sunglasses and gold hoop earrings to her look. She also boasted some blingy rings on one hand.

Cindy Prado is a proud Luli Fama partner

Prado donned the outfit as part of her latest promotion for Luli Fama. She has been a partner with Luli Fama for several months now and often calls herself a Luli Babe.

As a Luli Babe, Prado frequently models Luli Fama’s latest styles and promotes them on her Instagram. She has modeled both their activewear and swimsuits for her partnership with them.

The brand is a good fit for Prado, who was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and who has often displayed a love of the beach and the outdoors. Meanwhile, Luli Fama’s outfits are well suited for the hot and humid temperatures of Florida.

Back in November, Prado showed off a light and “airy” white jumpsuit that she got from Luli Fama.

Just a few weeks ago, she also modeled the ready-to-wear collection. She wore the exact same jumpsuit as her New Year’s Eve one, except it came in glittering gold instead of black.

Prado has a very large number of brands that she partners with and models for. However, Luli Fama is a bit closer to home, and Prado has struck up a good collaboration with them.

Prado runs her own fitness program

Prado often shows off her impressive figure while modeling two-piece sets and swimsuits. She has recently been sharing her fitness secrets with her fans through the Cindy Prado Fitness Program.

The program is described as one that is meant to give users a newfound appreciation of fitness and their bodies. Consumers can purchase a membership to be able to follow along with the meal and workout program.

Prado’s program includes personalized workout and meal plans, video demonstrations, shopping lists, and nutritious dining options and gives users a place to track and log their progress.

While the program comes with a cost, Prado also launched an Instagram page for the program that gives some sneak peeks into what it’s all about. Prado has used the page to share some workout plans and fitness tips.

She also has shared her progress through the program, as well as images proving that she is getting behind the program and staying active.

The model frequently shows off her fit figure and is now offering the chance for others to follow along with her workout plan and fitness routines.

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