Cindy Prado stuns in a black LBD and feather-trimmed boots

Cindy Prado in a minidress
Cindy Prado looked stunning in a black minidress. Pic credit: © MJT/AdMedia

Cindy Prado is a showstopper in her little black dress. While in France, the social media influencer proved that she could be anyone’s style inspiration.  

The model posed in front of her mirror and gave fans a good look at her latest outfit. She wore a black long-sleeved dress that hugged her curves perfectly. The tiny dress featured a wide slit, showing the influencer’s long legs.  

The star of the show was Cindy’s shoes. She wore thigh-high black boots, sent from Cuccoo Footwear, lined with feathers for a trendy look. 

She accessorized the outfit with a black quilted Chanel bag, gold rings, black mesh gloves, and bracelets. 

Cindy cut her long blonde hair into layers and curled it to frame her face perfectly. 

The stylish social media star focused on highlighting her natural features, so she kept her makeup simple. She opted out of eyeshadow and wore nude lipstick.  

Cindy Prado shows off her Parisian style in Fashion Nova 

Cindy was clearly enjoying her time in the city of love. She took to Instagram to show off her latest outfit, courtesy of the online boutique Fashion Nova.  

She wore a fitted beige dress that mimicked the tailoring of a blazer. It had buttons along the torso, with fake pockets on both sides of her waist.  

Cindy accessorized the outfit with a Chanel purse and a black leather paperboy hat.  

Cindy Prado gives her fans great fitness advice 

In a world full of dangerous fitness and dieting advice, Cindy had a refreshing take on the matter.

The model is known not only for her great style but her figure as well. When talking to Naluda Magazine, the influencer approached the question about her fitness routine with practical wisdom.

She explained that the best thing to do is be kind to your body and find balance in what you do. However, she was aware that some people aren’t into exercising.

She told the magazine that her biggest piece of advice was to make it fun.  

“There are so many ways to get a good sweat that doesn’t have to involve the gym. Go play volleyball, paddle-board, go for a swim, go running on the beach at sunset. There are so many fun activities to do in terms of health and fitness that you just need to get creative. Most of them can even be dates!” Cindy said.

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