Cindy Prado stuns by the pool for gorgeous shoot

Cindy Prado.
Cindy Prado posed poolside as she lapped up the sun’s rays. Pic credit: ©

Cindy Prado was gorgeous in a recent poolside photo shoot that she shared to social media.

The social media influencer is known for sharing stunning shots of herself and can often be seen donning two-piece swimwear.

Her enviable figure can turn even the simplest of swimwear pieces into top-tier photo opportunities.

Cindy’s most recent social media share is further proof that she looks beautiful no matter what she’s got on.

The Fashion Nova ambassador took some time to pose by the pool, pulling out one of her more sultry modeling poses.

Though she opted to keep the photo captionless, her beauty would have stolen the show regardless.

Cindy Prado strikes a pose as she models poolside in gorgeous swimwear

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Cindy shared a behind-the-scenes look at a recent modeling job that found her lounging by the pool in a well-fitted brown bikini.

The deep hue of the triangle two-piece blended nearly seamlessly with Cindy’s perfectly bronzed and tanned skin. The bottoms featured two bows tied high atop Cindy’s hips and the top tied behind her neck and back.

She lay on her side at the edge of the crystal clear pool water with one hand just barely held above the waterline.

Cindy used that same arm to prop herself up on her side as her other free hand rested behind her head at the base of her neck. The angle elongated her already slim figure.

Screenshot from Cindy Prado's IG Stories.
Cindy Prado stunned in a brown bikini for a recent photo shoot. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Rounding out her pose, Cindy propped one leg on top of the other and slightly bent her top knee as her other leg stretched out against the bright cream pool tiles.

Though the shot came at a distance, Cindy’s glam makeup was clearly flawless, and her nude lip hue gave extra plumpness to her lips.

As for her deep honey-blonde locks, Cindy had her hair parted down the center, and loose curls framed her face while simultaneously flowing down her shoulders.

Accessories for the shot were also kept at a minimum, with just a simple bracelet worn around her wrist.

Cindy promotes her favorite tanning product just in time for spring

With a solid following on social media and her increase in modeling opportunities, Cindy knows the importance of maintaining her skin. And part of that includes having a flawless tan.

Of course, Cindy isn’t sitting outside in the scalding sun for hours on end to build her bronzed glow. Instead, she recently explained she uses Dripping Gold’s Liquid Luxe self-tanner.

In a recent sponsored post for the brand, Cindy proved why brands love working with her. Not only does she have an impressive following of 2.7 million on Instagram, but her posts also have an immense reach and receive plenty of likes.

For the post, Cindy posed on top of a bed covered in bright white bedding. Donning a black bikini, Cindy held a bottle of the tanning product while propping herself up with her free hand.

In the post’s caption, Cindy explained why this is one of her favorite products.

“My favourite tan at the moment Dripping Gold Liquid Luxe 😍 @drippinggold,” her caption read, in part. “Just look at how even and glowing it appears on my skin 🙌🏻 Filled with skin-loving ingredients included chamomile extract and goji berry, it not only looks great but nourishes too ❤️.”

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