Cindy Prado shares diet advice and her incredible physique

Cindy Prado poses at the Girl Night Outback at Thunder From Down Under
Cindy Prado looked stunning as she answered fans’ questions. Pic credit: ©

Cindy Prado showed off her impressive physique in a black bikini as she answered some fan questions.

The 30-year-old model hosted the Q&A on social media and directed her fans to ask her anything health and fitness related. The Q&A was in promotion of her fitness program, the Prado Program.

Prado’s photo demonstrated why fans might be interested in the Prado Program, as her black bikini top and matching bottoms highlighted her toned and fit physique. She added to her look by wearing a small black jacket open over her bikini top.

She finished her look with a pair of sunglasses over her eyes and gold hoop earrings. Prado opted to wear her luscious hair down for the photo as she posed outside.

Meanwhile, she paired the photo with a fan’s question, which inquired about how many meals/snacks she has in a day. It questioned how many kcals she eats overall, too.

Prado showed off her fitness knowledge as she delved into a detailed looked at her nutrition.

Cindy Prado shared diet and exercise advice

Prado started by explaining that her diet can vary quite a bit as her daily schedule dictates it. However, she indicated that she usually employs intermittent fasting on weekdays, meaning she skips breakfast and eats two bigger meals later in the day.

If she anticipates having a heavy dinner, she’ll eat a lighter lunch to balance her diet out a bit. This balancing act means that she still is on track at the end of the week, even with some heavier meals in the mix.

She concluded by emphasizing that schedule changes force her to adapt her diet frequently. Also, on days that she trains, she averages about 2,000 calories, as that is the amount that works with her goals and activity level.

Cindy Prado shared dieting and fitness advice on her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Prado also answered two more questions as part of her Q&A. The first question inquired about her workout routine, and she explained that she works out four days a week and stays moderately active on her rest days.

Cindy Prado answered fans questions on Instagram Story
Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

In another question, she expanded more on her diet and explained that she mostly relies on a custom diet plan from Prado Program. The plan allows her to indulge at times because it will simply adjust her plan if she has a cheat meal.

Cindy Prado shared her custom diet plan on her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Her diet and fitness tips were helpful and showed that meal plans and diets can be flexible and should be tailored to each individual based on their specific needs.

Cindy Prado is a Cerebral partner

In addition to her modeling and her Prado Program, Prado also frequently partners with and promotes big brands. One of her partnerships is with the mental health platform, Cerebral.

Prado has been partnering with Cerebral for some time now. Her promotions often include her urging her followers to prioritize their mental health.

She explained that mental health is the first step in living a healthy lifestyle. In her latest promotion, she said that it is difficult to find the motivation to work out or eat healthy if one isn’t taking care of their mental health.

She also highlighted the benefits of Cerebral and how it allows users to receive mental health services from their homes. In another promotion, she explained how Cerebral helps users navigate the ups and downs in mental health.

The explanation was paired with a video in which she showed viewers what a day of prioritizing mental health looks like.

Through her fitness program and Cerebral partnership, Prado has been able to offer her fans strong advice on leading healthy and balanced lifestyles.

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