Cindy Prado promotes mental health with important message

cindy prado face
Cindy Prado is a mental health champion. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

As a renowned model and social media influencer Cindy Prado recently used her platform for good with a promotion celebrating a worthy cause.

The Cuban-American beauty took to Instagram to promote a mental health app.

The app, Cerebral, is a cutting-edge mental health app that features technological advances to promote well-being.

To promote the brand, Cindy posted a video with an important message.

In a heartfelt video, Cindy shared a montage of her personal moments, ranging from bikini-clad beach trips to fun-filled nights out with friends. 

The eclectic mix of experiences highlighted the importance of maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health.

Cindy Prado promotes the Cerebral mental health app

The video began with Cindy saluting the sun with her silhouette appearing as she stood in the ocean.

Next, Cindy spun around in a white dress with a perfectly-manicured lawn in the background.

Subsequent clips saw Cindy jumping into the ocean while rocking a bikini and enjoying a night with her girlfriends.

Cindy got vulnerable, shedding a tear in another part of the montage.

In a caption accompanying the video, Cindy highlighted the importance of mental health. She also provided followers with a discount for more affordable services.

Cindy’s caption read, “For every high, there is a low. Remember that #self-care comes first. Get 50% off your first month with @cerebral #mentalhealth #ad.”

As the world grapples with the ongoing mental health crisis, many people have sought solace in the digital world. Apps like Cerebral have provided numerous services, like mental health coaching, therapy sessions, and medication management plans — customized to users’ needs.

By sharing her own journey and thoughts on mental health, Cindy inspired her followers to seek the help they need while raising awareness about the value of mental well-being.

And since mental and physical health goes hand in hand, it’s no surprise that Cindy is an expert when it comes to working out. Cindy has used her knowledge to launch a successful brand featuring fitness coaching.

Cindy Prado launches Prado Program for physical fitness

Cindy launched the Prado Program last year, using her popularity as a platform to try different things. The Prado Program Instagram page has colorful graphics with valuable advice.

Cindy is a proponent of moderation and a fan of pasta and red wine. Accordingly, her Prado Program advice reflects her attitude toward fitness and food.

Fans can also check out the Prado Program website and sign up for a membership. A monthly membership costs $49, and a three-month membership costs $40. Once fans pay for the membership, they can receive grocery lists and access to an exclusive fitness community.

With Cerebral providing mental health services and Prado Program sharing fitness advice, Cindy has offered fans all they need to achieve peak happiness.

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