Cindy Prado promotes fitness program with visible results

Cindy Prado is stunning in spandex as the beautiful influencer she strikes a pose and promotes her Prado Program. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

When it comes to her fitness program, no one represents their brand better than Cindy Prado.

Cindy showed the potential that her fitness program had, in a sultry new share, posted on her social media.

For those out of the loop, Cindy has become a successful model and influencer, posting around the world and getting paid to wear lingerie.

The stunning beauty has used her influencing momentum to pivot into a personal fitness career she has promoted while continuing her modeling.

Based on Cindy’s latest share, it looks like her Prado Program does the body good.

Cindy struck a pose looking satisfied after a hard workout in a spandex sports bra with matching leggings.

As she revealed in her caption, her fitness results were available to anyone if they joined the Prado Program.

Cindy Prado stuns in spandex for Prado Program

Cindy leaned against a wall wearing a black bikini top and high-waisted spandex.

She held a Vital Performance beverage in a blackberry flavor that is supposed to aid in workout recovery.

The bronzed beauty looked beautiful and toned as she casually flexed her muscles and showed off her hard work, stealthily displaying some product placement.

Cindy’s light brown locks featured braids, keeping her hair out of the way for a sweat session. Pieces of Cindy’s luscious hair fell from the braids to frame her face. She toweled off and closed her eyes, rocking a post-workout glow captured by the camera.

She sported a dewy glow with bronzed cheeks and shimmery eyeshadow. Cindy donned minimal accessories with a gold ring, hoop earrings, and a matching necklace.

Behind the beauty, a neon sign said “Miami” in yellow, which Cindy has revealed is one of her home bases.

Cindy’s caption was motivational because it promised fans they could achieve results in two weeks.

She wrote, “In 2 weeks you’ll feel it. In 4 weeks you’ll see it. In 8 weeks you’ll hear it ✨ start today.”

Cindy Prado’s Prado Program fitness

Cindy Prado’s Prado Program Instagram contains useful information regarding exercise and nutrition.

The influencer often posts workout circuits for the enjoyment of followers as she encourages them to subscribe to her Prado Program, which also has meal preparation opportunities.

Just last week, Cindy created a post that showed workouts for the legs and glutes, which anyone could follow with a bit of motivation.

She also shares healthy recipes and pre-workout ideas as the influencer covers everything from fitness to food.

Cindy’s transition from model to fitness guru has been impressive to watch as she grows her glutes and her empire.

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