Cindy Prado promoted her fitness program while at the gym

Cindy Prado close up
Cindy Prado showed off her flat abs in a white crop top and leggings for a sweaty gym session. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Cindy Prado is her own best advertisement when it comes to her fitness app, The Prado Program, showing off her incredibly toned figure every chance she gets.

The influencer, who boasts a staggering 2.7 million followers on Instagram, frequently shares pictures of her taut abs in activewear while getting her sweat on in the gym.

In a recent shot, in which she tagged The Prado Program, Cindy wore a low-cut white crop top that curved slightly at the bottom and emphasized her incredible abs.

On the bottom, she wore tight black leggings, and even though she was working out, Cindy wore a gold bracelet and her honey-blonde hair down in bombshell waves.

Her makeup, however, was much more natural than usual, so she must have been prepared for an intense gym session.

The toned fitness influencer looked down at the camera with a confident stare, looking as if she was well and truly motivated to pump some iron.

Cindy Prado in a white crop top and black leggings for a gym workout
Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Cindy is the founder of her own fitness app The Prado Program

Cindy is the founder of The Prado Program, which features personalized plans for achieving fitness and health goals, including weight loss.

Membership costs $49 a month or $120 for three months and consists of a personal diet and workout plan, as well as video demonstrations, progress tracking, a workout log, and shopping lists. Essentially, The Prado Program gives members everything they could possibly need to achieve any fitness or health goal they have.

On top of all that, the program emphasizes mental health, with a library of helpful videos to increase mental well-being, which are created by professionals.

On the site, transformation photos are available for those curious if The Prado Program actually produces results.

Cindy recently took part in a Strong Nation workout at City Zero Gym in Miami

Cindy recently took part in and endorsed a Strong Nation class that took place at City Zero Gym in Miami, and apparently, she loved it.

She showed off her gym-honed, svelte figure in a matching green crop top and leggings as she struck a variety of poses.

Cindy captioned the shots, “Every time I do a Strong Nation workout I think I’m going to be fine and it ends up kicking my butt ? Workouts that are both effective and fun are my fave ❤️.”

Strong Nation started out as Strong Zumba, which was an offshoot of regular Zumba classes but included way more high-intensity choreography for better conditioning.

After that, Strong Zumba became Strong Nation, which is a high-intensity workout that combines cardio, muscle conditioning, and body weight exercises with music that matches every move perfectly. Essentially, it’s an incredibly intense workout with moves created specifically to match the music.

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