Cindy Prado hits the bar with glowing beauty

Cindy Prado selfie
Cindy Prado made her way to the bar. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

When you look like Cindy Prado, you can use any location as a photo shoot and create magic.

For Cindy’s latest share, she opted to turn a luxurious beach bar into her personal runway.

For those out of the loop, Cindy has become a famous face on social media as an influencer and fitness enthusiast.

The Cuban-American beauty has amassed 2.7 million followers on Instagram, snagging deals with Fashion Nova, Jessica Bara, and Celsius.

It’s easy to see why brands have fallen in love with the stunning model; she has beauty and popularity, using her platform to promote brands.

Recently, Cindy took to her Instagram Stories, striking a pose in a white bikini. Cindy didn’t tag any brands in the social media share, however. It looked like she was simply having fun.

Cindy Prado strikes a pose in a white bikini at a beach bar 

In the first picture, Cindy lounged by a barstool wearing a string white bikini. 

She paired the two-piece with a stylish matching coverup featuring flowy material.

Cindy Prado hit the bar with glowing beauty
Cindy Prado struck a pose at a beach bar in a white bikini. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

The model rocked hexagonally-shaped sunglasses with gold rims for a trendy vibe.

Behind Cindy, a beach bar was the backdrop with a fully-stocked liquor lineup, including Milagro and Casamigos.

Cindy Prado posed at the bar with stunning beauty
Cindy Prado turned a beach bar into a shoot a white bikini. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

In the second shot, Cindy angled her side toward the camera. She wore a seashell body chain with gold detailing. 

Other accessories included a gold Cartier bangle and statement earrings, contrasting beautifully against Cindy’s bronzed skin.

Although Cindy’s post wasn’t a brand deal — it served as an excellent promotion for her recent endeavor. Cindy pivoted her online presence success into a business venture near and dear to her heart.

Cindy Prado launches the Prado Program 

Cindy has shown a fondness for fitness, which might be how she can enjoy pasta and wine. The model’s passion made her the perfect candidate to start a fitness brand, with many choices available for users.

Cindy has posted free workout circuits and motivational content on the Prado Program Instagram page. She has also created visually appealing infographics with helpful reminders and tips.

For example, Cindy recently shared a colorful graphic about balanced eating.

A membership to the Prado Program earns the subscriber a personalized workout program and meal plan. Additionally, the Prado Program membership opens the doors to a community of like-minded people with a private group and email support.

A monthly membership to the Prado Program costs $49, while a three-month membership costs $40 with a slight discount.

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