Cindy Prado highlights favorite part of her LBD

Cindy Prado poses for a selfie on the lake
Cindy Prado stunned in a backless black minidress for a promotion. Pic credit: @cindyprado/Instagram

Cindy Prado sizzled in a little black dress as she highlighted the dress’ gorgeous backless style. The 30-year-old model posed in Miami Beach, Florida, for the photo shoot to show off her Jessica Bara dress.

The minidress was formfitting and hugged Prado’s toned physique in a flattering manner. In addition to being backless, it was also off-shoulder, leaving her shoulders and back bare in the sun.

The dress also featured long sleeves, as well as a short skirt that showed off Prado’s flawless long legs. While solely black, the dress featured some shallow tears down its length, giving it extra style.

Prado posed outdoors in the sunlight to share her dress and a shoutout to Jessica Bara. She also gave a shoutout to the back of the dress, writing, “One time for the back of the dress.”

To highlight the dress’s full style, she posed both facing the camera and with her back to it. She also captured a few shots from the side as she smoldered at the camera over her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Prado accessorized her dress with a little beige purse with a tassel on the front, which she wore slung over her shoulder for the photo shoot.

Cindy Prado recently shared a 2022 recap

She further accessorized her look with several rings on her fingers which glittered in the sunlight. She opted to wear her long locks down during the photo shoot, and they almost reached her waist.

The little black dress from Jessica Bara marked one of the first styles of 2023 that Prado has shared. There will likely be more to follow as the model has grown quite a following on Instagram of 2.7 million followers.

The Miami-based model‘s large following makes her an excellent candidate for brand partnerships. Celsius, Fashion Nova, Luli Fama, Jessica Bara, and Lounge are just a few brands she has partnered with.

Prado recently took to Instagram to highlight a couple of her best moments and looks from 2022. The video montage saw Prado walking the runway, posing for photo shoots, and spending time with friends to the backdrop of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name.

In her caption, she expressed gratitude towards everyone who was a part of her 2022. She also indicated that was “ready” for 2023.

The model on the rise will likely have further brand deals and styles to show off in the coming year, just as she did in 2022.

Prado recently promoted SOSU’s skincare products

In addition to her impeccable fashion sense, Prado also boasts flawless, glowing skin. Meanwhile, she offered her followers the chance to “glow” for the New Year, too, with SOSU’s products.

Prado has promoted SOSU sporadically for several years now. She first started off repping the company at Coachella in 2017 by donning their SOSU Lashes for the star-studded event.

However, she recently tried SOSU’s skincare products and urged her followers to do the same. Specifically, she has been trying out the brand’s Dripping Gold collection.

Leading up to the holidays, she advertised the brand’s Luxury Tanning Mousse and Ultra Dark Mousse. To promote the products, she tried them herself and showed the golden glow they gave her skin.

This year, she has switched her focus to SOSU’s Radiant Glow Luxury Set, which includes some skincare products such as hydrating masks and illuminating boosters.

Prado has been promoting SOSU effectively as she shows how the company’s products give her skin its gorgeous golden tan or hydrated glow.

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