Cindy Kimberly stuns in black spandex outfit for artsy vibes

Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, looked gorgeous as she picked up supplies. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Model Cindy Kimberly, also known by her online name Wolfie Cindy, looked stunning as she picked up some supplies and snapped a photo.

Cindy posted the snap on her Instagram Stories for her seven million fans and followers. She has treated her fans to a lot of content as of late, including shots from a Monot dinner, and a quick trip to Paris.

But Cindy’s latest shots appeared to be leisure-inspired, rather than work-oriented.

Cindy went into selfie mode as she captured her reflection in a mirror and showed the view from her eyes down. As Cindy revealed through text over the photo, it was her purchase that she highlighted for viewers.

She wrote, “art supplies girl” in white text over the photo, a nod to her passion for art and the accessories she carried.

Cindy stood in what looked like a dressing room, with mirrors in front of her and behind her. She captured the optical illusion shot, which was a testament to her creative mind.

Cindy Kimberly stuns in spandex with brand new art supplies

Cindy wore a strapless black top and matching shorts paired with comfy black Ugg boots. Her tanned legs were visible as she stood with parallel legs for the shot.

cindy kimberly spandex
Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

She held her phone in one hand, with a Balenciaga shopping bag around her wrist and a blank canvas in the other. She wore a piece of white chiffon around her neck, fashioned like a scarf.

Fans of the Tumblr star have likely heard about the model’s passion for art in interviews or seen some of her work on her social media feeds. Cindy might be creating more works of art if her latest purchases were any indication.

Cindy’s large blank canvas opened up a world of possibilities.

Cindy Kimberly’s artistic abilities

Cindy has been creating art for as long as she has been modeling, and she has a knack for creativity. Her Instagram has revealed a glimpse into her artistic abilities, with sketches and drawings that she created.

During a recent trip to Barbados for the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swim Edition, Cindy visited Rihanna Drive, named after the Bajan native.  

She excitedly told the interviewer about her passion for art.

She revealed, “I want you to know how meaningful this is to me. This is my sketchbook that I’ve had for three years.”

She continued, “I have a bunch, but this one actually happens to have a sketch of Rihanna that I did because I love her so much.”

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