Cindy Kimberly strikes a pose in an impressively stocked closet

Model Cindy Kimberly showed her natural beauty with a selfie taken in a well-stocked closet. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, looked stunning in a closet, wearing an undergarment and sharing her natural beauty.

The model took to her Instagram Stories to share a beautiful mirror selfie with her fans. Justin Bieber first discovered Cindy in 2015 after he posted her photo, and she has remained relevant on social media and in fashion magazines.

Cindy has gained a cult-like following on social media platforms like Tumblr, where her pictures have inspired many.

The influencer’s latest shot will likely join the collection of inspirational photos because Cindy looked ethereal and gorgeous, with her multicultural good looks and glowing skin.

Although Cindy’s 7 million IG fans couldn’t publicly comment or like the picture, it would be fair to assume that a decent amount liked the shot.

Cindy rocked a pink satin undergarment with small black polka dots. The garment provided Cindy with support and brought out the undertones of her bronzed skin.

Cindy Kimberly stuns in an amazing Chanel-filled closet

The artist added a pink emoji to the picture, perfectly matching her garment. Cindy also tied a pink bow in her hair, wrapping it around her thick dark locks, which were styled in a sleek ponytail.

The Spanish beauty also donned shimmery pink lids, with sparkles creating a feminine and flirty look. Cindy added winged eyeliner over the shimmer, giving her eye a cat-like appearance.

Behind Cindy, the closet was nothing short of impressive. The model had shelves filled with prominently displayed bags, including a few Chanel patent leather purses.

cindy kimberly
Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy had tan, chrome, and pink Chanel patent leather bags and a few collector items by the French brand as well.

Cindy Kimberly reveals Sephora favorite beauty products

Cindy did a segment with Sephora where she revealed her favorite products in a feature called Sephora Six. Each shared product was a staple in Cindy’s collection and available at Sephora.

The first product Cindy shared was her signature scent, Princess Eau de Parfum by Kilian.

The second item was a cult-favorite, Clinique Almost Lipstick, in the shade of black honey.

Cindy revealed GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Activated Charcoal Treatment, a product that detoxed the skin and removed oil, as the third product.

Another influencer favorite was on Cindy’s list–Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo. Cindy also touted the benefits of Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color.

As a gorgeous influencer with an undeniable glow, Cindy might be a good person from whom to take beauty advice.

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