Cindy Kimberly shares paddleboard with best friend

Cindy Kimberly aka Wolfie Cindy celebrated her 24th birthday and received loving throwbacks from friends in honor of her special day. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, enjoyed her birthday celebration with gorgeous bikini throwbacks posted for her adoring fans.

The model just turned 24 years old and received a lot of love on her big birthday.

Cindy’s manager, Ramon Jordan, showed love for his client with a gorgeous blue and white poolside picture.

Another one of the people who showed Cindy love was her longtime best friend, Chantel Jeffries, who shared a gorgeous throwback of the two seated on a paddleboard.

Chantel shared the picture on her Instagram Stories, and Cindy reposted the picture on her own, along with Chantel’s original words, which declared that the two lived their best lives.

The ladies looked more the sisters than friends as they posed in the ocean wearing string bikinis with a few yachts in the distance.

Cindy Kimberly celebrates birthday with bikini throwback

Cindy rocked a mint green string bikini with her luscious hair in beachy waves that blew in the wind. She sat behind Chantel, who wore a neon bikini, and held the paddle while sitting in front.

The sun set behind the ladies, adding a beautiful glow to the natural shot.

cindy kimberly bikini with chantel jeffries
Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Although it was hard to see if Cindy was rocking makeup in the water, she has previously revealed her favorite items to achieve her gorgeous glow.

Cindy Kimberly talks Sephora favorite products

In 2018, Cindy sat down with Sephora to reveal her favorite six products in a segment called Sephora Six.

First, Cindy shared her signature fragrance which she revealed she wore daily. Cindy’s signature scent was Princess Eau de Parfum by Kilian.

Next, Cindy showed another staple in her collection, Clinique Almost Lipstick, in the shade of black honey. Cindy said that even if she sported a bare face, she always glossed her lips with the Clinique product.

Cindy shared a red carpet secret to perfect her skin which she explained was naturally oily. She showed GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Activated Charcoal Treatment, a product for removing toxins leaving the skin to look its best.

As Cindy fans know, the influencer adores all things Rihanna, so Fenty Beauty made her list of favorite items.

Cindy chose Fenty Beauty by Rihanna with the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo, which she revealed gave her a dewy glow. Another favorite was Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color for when she wanted to turn up the drama with her lip color.

The fun share gave insight into how Cindy achieved her glamorous glow. And although her genetics certainly helped with Cindy’s look, the interview was a fun video for fans of the European beauty.

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