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Cindy Kimberly shares bikini body bonus

Cindy Kimberly Sports Illustrated 2022.
Cindy Kimberly Sports Illustrated 2022. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly was one of the rookie models appearing in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swim Edition.

The model, who enjoys popularity on social media, was catapulted to fame when Justin Bieber posted her photos and asked fans who the beauty was. Seven years later, Cindy lives in the States and enjoys a healthy Instagram following of 6.9 million followers. 

Her latest gig was an appearance in Sports Illustrated, where she modeled nearly a dozen bikinis for the shoot. The photoshoot, which took place in Barbados, showed off her toned body and gorgeous looks. 

Cindy shared some behind-the-scenes photos for fans who did not get enough of her in the new magazine.

Cindy Kimberly shares behind-the-scenes Barbados pictures 

Cindy Kimberly, who goes by Wolfie Cindy on social media, posted behind-the-scenes photos from her 2022 Sports illustrated shoot. 

Cindy shared six polaroids that featured her bikini body in the swimsuits that she would later model for the magazine. 

She also showed some silly shots, including her as a tourist on Rihanna Drive. The photoshoot took place in Barbados–the island country where Rihanna was born.

She also gave a look from the photographer’s vantage point as she shared untouched photos from the camera that shot her.

Cindy thanked the Sports Illustrated crew in her caption and wrote in part, “apart from this being an amazing experience just for the fact that I dreamt of this since I was 17 and we got to shoot it in Barbados, and i got to live out my rihnavy dreams it was amazing to feel so free and embraced on set working along with a group of people that not only made me feel comfortable but really made me feel like the most special and sexy version of myself.”

Cindy Kimberly talks mental health and upbringing

Cindy Kimberly has been candid about her mental health and depression struggles, and she wishes others would do the same. 

Cindy expressed hope that her open nature would inspire others to join her in her healing journey.

Cindy told Sports Illustrated, “I like being open about the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, how I’m figuring it out as I go, how I doubt myself and my place in the world or the world itself. Because I think everyone is, and if we were just honest about it, the pressure of having to behave like a ‘functioning human in society’ wouldn’t feel as terrifying.”

She shared that helping out her mother, who worked hard as a single parent, was meaningful. She revealed, “My mom struggled a lot to raise [me] being a single mother. Being able to work and take care of her is my biggest reward, and it’s the thing that makes me the happiest, so I’m proud and thankful for anything that has gotten me [to where I am].” 

Cindy also explained the importance of celebrating all accomplishments, no matter the size.

“I feel very proud that I’ve gotten this far in my mental health and life in general. “I’m proud of myself every day. I’m proud of every single job I’ve ever had—small or big.”

The 2022 SI Swimsuit Edition hit newsstands today.

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