Cindy Kimberly shares behind-the-scenes look at upcoming shoot

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Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, is taking fans behind the scenes in captivating social media shares. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly has an exciting new photoshoot coming out, and although she didn’t say what the shoot was for, it looked anything but boring.

The model, who has become famous for her social media handle Wolfie Cindy, took to her TikTok to share the latest content.

She let the clip do the talking, using just emojis in the caption.

Chicken Teriyaki by Rosalia served as the background music to the spicy share, adding to the excitement of the video.

Cindy began the video with a shot of her in a makeup chair as the bare-faced beauty got dolled up with the help of a makeup artist. She recorded herself in the mirror and blew a kiss while an artist caked her gorgeous face.

She then revealed her first look with fake freckles, dramatic eyelashes, and a smoky green eye with a matching liner. Her lips featured dark red lipstick with her signature overlined look as she pouted at the camera.

Cindy Kimberly unveils new behind-the-scenes photoshoot

Cindy cut to her nails which featured lengthy chrome acrylics. Then, she showed a red motorcycle, which she would later pose on top of in a thrilling shot.

Another clip showed Cindy strutting away from the camera in a short white skirt with knee-high patent leather boots. She wore very long acrylics in tight curls that cascaded down her back and blew in the wind.

The clip switched to show a close-up of Cindy in the white skirt with a tiny crop top that showed off her figure. She pivoted her hips and struck a pose with a wind machine blowing in her hair.

Finally, the video featured Cindy as she arched her back in a pose that showed her modeling and balancing skills as she rested on a motorcycle seat.

Cindy Kimberly works with REVOLVE

A quick trip to Cindy’s Instagram would show viewers that she often collaborates with REVOLVE as part of her influencing duties.

When she attended the last New York Fashion Week, she went to several events with the online fashion brand, wearing sheer outfits for photographers.

Cindy has also attended many REVOLVE events, like the REVOLVE Festival that took place in conjunction with Coachella last April.

With 7 million followers on Instagram and countless other fans on her Tumblr, TikTok, and Twitter, Cindy has remained a high-demand influencer since Justin Bieber made her famous with one simple post.

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