Cindy Kimberly poses topless for colorful share

wolfie cindy kimberly
Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, is talking about sex symbols in a new set of photos. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly posed topless with a message, which was a take on the objectification of women.

The beautiful model took to Instagram to share some never-before-seen looks with her seven million followers on the platform.

Cindy’s latest photo dump featured the beautiful model topless and admiring her reflection.

For those unaware, Cindy catapulted to social media fame in December 2015 when Justin Bieber shared her picture and asked his fans to identify her. Ever since then, Cindy has maintained a certain level of celebrity status while gaining a cult-like following on Tumblr and Instagram.

This year, Cindy appeared as a rookie in the 2022 SI Swimsuit Swim Edition. She also graced the glossy pages of a Sports Illustrated Swim calendar, which she just announced last week. Finally, she closed a fashion show for Maison Palais during New York Fashion Week, which was a coveted honor.

It is onward and upward for the beautiful model, who celebrates her 24th birthday in a few days.

Cindy Kimberly stuns in topless share

The first picture showed the gorgeous model rocking the no-eyebrow look with her dark locks braided and tucked away beneath a brightly-colored bandana.

The bandana featured orange, pink, and brown colors with some blue flowers. Cindy looked over her shoulder as the topless beauty glowed in front of the camera. A swipe right showed Cindy as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror with a well-illuminated vanity.

Another picture saw her wearing only jean overalls as she smoked a cigarette by the water. An alligator was swimming in the water, taken near a picturesque dock with wildlife and greenery framing the shoot.

Cindy Kimberly’s mental health advocacy

Cindy revealed in her first appearance in Sports Illustrated that mental health was very important to her.

Cindy told Sports Illustrated, “Mental health problems can feel very isolating. I know, for a fact, that when I am having an episode, it really feels like it’s just me that’s feeling that way—like I’m either broken or unlike the people around me.” 

The model said she hoped that by being transparent, she could inspire others to be open about their problems. She continued, “So I try to be open about it because I hope someone out there might identify with it and realize they’re not alone.” 

Cindy is undoubtedly an inspiration for those around her as she continues to be open about her struggles with mental health.

Cindy is certainly an inspiration for those around her as she continues to be open about her struggles with mental health. With Cindy leading the way, others may feel more open about sharing their struggles and removing the stigmas attached to mental health.

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