Cindy Kimberly celebrates 24th birthday with boyfriend and friends

cindy kimberly selfie
Cindy Kimberly celebrated her 24th birthday at the happiest place in the world with a group of loved ones. Pic credit: @wolfiecindy/Instagram

Cindy Kimberly, aka Wolfie Cindy, turned 24 years old this week, and she celebrated her big day with a gorgeous cake, sheer dress, and a group of friends.

The influencer shared photos from her festivities on her Instagram, where she has amassed a following of 7 million loyal fans.

Cindy’s recent post was super special, not only because it was her birthday but because her famous baller boyfriend, Dele Alli, made his debut on her IG.

The Sports Illustrated model celebrated with decorations that were every bit as beautiful as she from start to finish.

Cindy had a birthday glow, amplified by the highlighter under her brows and above her cheekbones. She wore dangly sea-shell earrings and a white strapless sheer dress for the sit-down dinner.

Cindy began her carousel with a photo as she pouted her lips toward her birthday cake, which almost looked too beautiful to consume.

Cindy Kimberly enjoys birthday cake in Paris

It looked like Cindy had a backup cake, and both pieces were works of art. The layered cake that had Cindy’s attention featured Tiffany blue frosting and decadent white whipped icing at each tier of the delightful dessert.

Each level featured detailed tassels cascading down the dessert with the perfection that was clearly the work of a professional baker.

On Cindy’s other side was a lavender birthday cake with a gold-framed picture featuring an actual lavender plant in what resembled a still-life portrait.

As a talented artist who has expressed a passion for creative arts, it seemed only fitting that Cindy received masterfully decorated desserts for her birthday.

The second picture showed Cindy and her soccer-playing boyfriend in a warm embrace while the model held a bouquet of flowers. The next shot was equally stunning, with multiple white candles and bunches of roses.

A swipe right showed Cindy with her mom and two friends at the beautifully decorated table.

Finally, Cindy stood between two friends in what looked like Hotel de Ville in Paris. In conjunction with the distinct architecture, the large Christmas tree and skating rink behind the trio gave the location away.

Cindy Kimberly’s Alo Yoga Mat

Cindy spoke with Vogue about her workout essentials, and the influencer revealed that when doing yoga, the mat matters.

Cindy explained why an Alo Yoga mat was the proper mat for her and how it could potentially prevent injury.

Cindy shared, “When I started doing yoga, I thought all mats were the same—just something you put down to separate your body from being on the ground. But your yoga mat is actually a crucial part of your yoga journey and making sure that your poses and movements are proper and safe.”

Cindy highlighted the Alo Yoga Warrior mat, which retails at $100.

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Minding Myown
Minding Myown
4 days ago

Never heard of this chick, and who cares? Just another narcissistic attention- seeker. Hard to believe that people have nothing better to do than to want to know every detail about the lives of people they don’t know. What a crock!